Folk music lovers of Denver that are familiar with Glowing House should know that this husband-and-wife duo are releasing a new album.  And this new album is being celebrated officially at the Hi-Dive this Saturday.  For anyone new to Glowing House, their CD release show is going to be a folk treat with local artists Poet's Row and You Me and Apollo playing alongside the folk couple, and who will also be inviting their friends and collaborators to the stage to properly introduce their new album Days Run Out.

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The core members of Glowing House are Steve Varney and Jess Parsons, and both of them were performing music separately before joining forces as bandmates and as a married couple.  Former drummer Patrick Kline was one of the staples of the group's fluid lineup, but as folk music goes you can expect that the community is naturally drawn to collaboration. In recording the new album, Varney and Parsons brought in the talents of cellist Phil Parker and local Denver musicians Jeanie Schroder (DeVotchKa) as well as Wes Watkins (Petals of Spain/Air Dubai) to add to the musical accompaniment.  The new album was recorded in the Morrison Community Church where Varney's father is a pastor.

Days Run Out is the sophomore release by Parsons and Varney and was produced by Jamie Mefford.  Since their first album was handled by the band from start to finish, they were effusive in their praise for Mefford's finishing touch on the album.  "World class microphones plus a guy like him . . . it was interesting how laid back not only he is, but also just the way he records." said Varney.  When asked about the differences between the recording process when you are working with a producer like Mefford, Parsons responded, "Jamie knows how to make a record, and we know how to write songs and perform.  The first album is very much what we did live, that's how I thought of it; it's what I sing and what I play live.  And it's amazing to have someone with an ear for when we put this all together how is it going to sound." Mefford worked has worked with the likes of Gregory Alan Isakov, Carbon Choir, Dan Craig, Jeromy Dion.

How do musicians initiate the collaboration process? I don't know if it's always this easy, but sometimes you just go up to someone and ask, like how Glowing House approached Jeanie Schroder. "We just happened to meet her one night.  It was just a moment like 'Oh, you're here and we're here and we're in talking distance of you, and I'm going to ask you this'.  We ended up playing with each other at this alumni event for the University of Colorado Denver, which is where we both went and Jeanie went a while back.  She ended up playing for us with 'Taming Lions' . . . and after we were done, we asked if she would track on the album.  It was really awesome." said Varney.

With a produced sound and musical flair from Denver friends, Glowing House is enthusiastic about this new album. "It's been great to have these other people come in and it felt like the song was brand new for us.  We don't give them any direction; like what you hear Wes playing is out of Wes' head."  said Parsons.  "We feel really proud of this one.  I think for the first time [a recording of ours] gives a good representation of what we are."

Poet's Row is a folk duo made up of Emily Hobbs and Mickey Bakes, and "Daydream" was the last single they released in early January from their Exquisite Corpse EP.

You Me and Apollo is a folk band led by Colorado Springs-born Brent Cowles and the five-piece call Fort Collins home. Their last release was Cards and Cheats, and their most recent single is "Before I Die" which is included here for your listening pleasure.

Glowing House will be playing their official CD release show this Saturday at the Hi-Dive with Poets Row and You, Me and Apollo.  Doors are at 8 PM and the show starts at 9 PM, and is all ages.  See more show details on the Hi-Dive's website here.

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