I've mentioned before that I like checking out shows at Cervantes' because the venue is always hosting a wide variety of music styles. Tonight, I find myself heading back to the Other Side to view music from genres not often featured elsewhere. Cervantes' Other Side will host three bands - one national and two local - that perform ska and funk; high-energy musical entertainment. Tonight is unique, because the headlining band will also screen their new documentary and will host a question and answer session as well. If you are a fan of Fishbone, this will be a rare opportunity to get to know the band better than just in a concert setting alone.

Fishbone was formed in Los Angeles in 1979. Over the past three decades, they have established themselves as a very unique and eclectic musical force that fuses together ska, punk, funk, hard rock and soul. Over the years they have had many lineup changes but presently perform as a seven-piece band. Two of the original members, John Norwood Fisher and Angelo Moore are still with the band, and the current iteration also includes past Suicidal Tendencies lead guitarist Rocky George. Fishbone is known to deliver high-energy shows laced with both humor and social commentary, and they will be performing selections from their new album Crazy Glue. Check out "Party With Saddam" from Live In Bordeaux.
Party With Saddam by FishboneMusic

The Dendrites is a local ska band that brings back the excitement, energy and sound of vintage instrumental ska. Most of their songs are upbeat and uptempo ska songs that get people skankin' like crazy, but they also mix in a little reggae and dub as well. They create their authentic sound using a large band, with nearly a dozen band members on stage playing a mix of instruments; guitars, bass, keyboards, drums, trumpet, trombone, and saxophones. Check out the music on their BandCamp page.

Bop Skizzum is a local funk-rock band also known for very high-energy live performances. They combine elements of funk, pop and punk rock to make music that is incredibly infectious and fun to listen to. Tonight they will be debuting a new lead singer, Julie Almeria. I'll be able to see how the new lineup compares to before - hopefully the new singer can meet or exceed the presence and quality of past singer Erin Jo Harris. I do know the rest of the band is very solid, so I expect it to be a great show. Check out "Punk", it'll give you an idea of their sound but this recording features the old singer.
PUSH by Bop Skizzum

The doors open at 7:00PM at Cervantes' Other Side. The documentary begins at 7:30PM, followed by a Q&A session, then the night of music begins. The show is all ages, and tickets are $20.

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