Every once in a while a show comes up with a headliner that doesn't necessarily excite me, but then I see who's opening and it suddenly turns the concert into a must-see show. I'll be heading to the Ogden Theater Tuesday night for that very reason. It's not that the headliner won't be fun - they've got a good mix of influences in their reggae based sound that should make for a very energetic show. It's just that the opener has a very intriguing concept that puts a wide smile on my face every time I think about it.

That opener is Wallpaper., the project of San Francisco producer and multi-instrumentalist Ricky Reed. At first glance, Wallpaper. seems to be just like any other heavily produced, club-centric and pop-oriented party music that may lack in substance but has that sought after sound that gets 'the job' done. But after looking a bit harder, there is much more than that going on, and it makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Wallpaper. is sleazy party pop music with a devious anti-pop satirical twist - a wolf in sheep's clothing. Wallpaper. pairs well crafted pop production with parodical lyricism so seamlessly I wouldn't be surprised if many don't see the connection.

Wallpaper. is purported to take it a bit further for live performances. Ricky Reed is aided with a live drummer and is known to play several instruments himself to propel his sound, gaining him notice for the high-energy atmosphere of his concerts. I'll be curious to see how the crowd will react to his music. Will they hear what it is or just hear what it's disguised to be? I'm itching to find out, because I expect the opening set may well be drenched in irony, but either way it'll be fun. Check out "#STUPiDFACEDD".
Wallpaper. - #STUPiDFACEDD by wallpaper

The Dirty Heads are headlining the show, and they will be bringing their brand of reggae-rock that has both hip-hop and punk influences. This southern California band released their first album, Any Port In A Storm in 2008, but really crashed onto the scene in 2010 after the single "Lay Me Down" from their reissued album topped the Billboard rock and alternative charts. They should bring a high-energy performance of the reggae-rock style popularized in the mid-nineties. Check out that single which features Rome Ramirez from Sublime With Rome.
The Dirty Heads - Lay Me Down by SSMF

The Ogden Theater doors open at 6:30PM, and the music starts at 7:30PM. The show is all ages and tickets are $25 ($30 day of show).

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