St. Patrick's Day weekend is coming up and there are a plethora of activities to participate in. On Saturday, March 17, the opportunities will be overflowing with parades, parties, club nights, bar crawls and of course, live music. Even the live music options are overflowing, with everything from Irish music, to rock, electronica, funk, hip-hop, and more. The Hi-Dive will be hosting a night of live music, and it'll be the place to be for fans of indie folk and chamber pop music, as the venues hosts a visiting band and a pair of talented local groups.

The headliner is Portland, OR band Alameda. This three-piece band merges folk/Americana with a chamber/orchestral sound, blending the styles together seamlessly to create a new contemporary sound. The blend of folk styled acoustic guitar and emotive indie rock vocals with orchestral cello and clarinet create a mixture that leans towards baroque pop with its own unique modern touch. Check out "Ozarks".

You Me & Apollo is an indie folk band from Fort Collins. This band injects a staggering amount of bluesy soul into their well-written folk sounds - something that is unforgettably powerful when seen in a live setting. Whether they are performing fast paced or slower tempo songs, their music has listeners hanging on to every word and moving along to every note. This band has been featured on this blog before and I highly recommend seeing them. Check out "A Pearl".

Story & Clark is a four-piece indie chamber-pop group from Denver. The band uses an interesting combination of instruments; cello, french horn, guitar, ukulele, keyboard, drums and more, creating a unique sound that is sometimes dreamy and atmospheric, sometimes baroque and orchestral, sometimes folk, sometimes experimental pop, or any combination of them all - but no matter which way a particular song leans, they all seem to fit the band's distinctive character. Check out "We Sat There".

The Hi-Dive doors open at 8:00PM and the music starts at 9:00PM. The show is 18+ and tickets are $8 at the door. More information and tickets are available online here.

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