Before checking out Gosteffects' sweat inducing set in the Heat Hut at SnowBall Music Festival, I had the chance to sit down with this talented producer and DJ and ask him a few short questions the day before his performance. He had just got into town, still get acclimated to the frigid mountain air. I hadn't yet seen Gosteffects perform before sitting down with him, so it was interesting getting a glimpse of the person beforehand.

Gosteffects produces and DJs hard elecrto music, but has also been called a forerunner on the 'witch house' music scene. Witch house is electronic house music with a dark/industrial sound and feel, stemming from artists who used the term to described house music that was occult based, but the term now applies to gothic electronic music.

Concerted Effort: How do you fit in the witch house movement?

Gosteffects: Stylistically I guess what I do is similar to it - visually it's kind of similar. Musically it's not very similar. It's actually what I'm listening to a lot right now - a lot of that stuff. I haven't really been to a lot of witch house events or anything. It seems like it's more of an internet phenomenon. There are a few things I've heard in New York City going on but I haven't really caught them yet. I think witch house is headed somewhere but it'll took some artists to really do it right for it to breakout into the mainstream. It'll probably be the thing in two years - just like how dubstep was kind of underground but then came Skrillex.

CE: How do you feel about dubstep?

G: I like dubstep. I can't hate on it. I used to listen to drum and bass and it's kind of a similar thing. I play a little dubstep and make a little bit of it.

CE: What was your favorite subject in school?

G: I have some business degrees, so I did that. I never did formal music training or anything like that. I don't know - I was really good at math, but there wasn't anything I really disliked. I just like knowledge and learning.

CE: What are you listening to when you're traveling on the road?

G: Nothing. It's funny, most of the people I know that DJ or are musicians they listen to no music. DJs look for the stuff that they want to play but a lot of times it's like you are already thinking about it so much - quiet time is good every once in a while.

CE: Have you been to Colorado before?

G: I've played under a different name as Trash Yourself at Beta Night Club in Denver. I've played with a few local rave production companies - Big Johnson and Funky Elements - I've done some parties for them. But I haven't been up to the Vail Valley or anything.

CE: If you could have a superpower what would it be?

G: Flying. I would love to fly.

CE: "Safety Dance" or "Humpty Dance"?

G: "Humpty Dance" because of the bass line man. It's just too good.

Be sure to check out Gosteffects' new single, "Slave To The Sweat", out now on AFTERLIFE.

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