Tristen is a singer-songwriter, with a debut album under her belt and a song to share more than a year after its release. She calls Nashville home, and shares a record label (American Myth Recordings) with another buzzing songstress, Lissy Trullie.  Tristen is a fresh voice; it's something I noticed right away when I recently listened to Charlatans at the Garden Gate.  Her songs are adorned in catchy, pop melodies, but sounds strong and like a folk song without "the extra fat."  Maybe you're like me, and you openly admit to being absorbed by the shininess of pop music but hate the aftertaste, and you love the heartiness of lyrically-substantial folk songs but freely admit that it's not as appealing.  And Tristen seems to bring both together, like a well-balanced meal that tastes too good to be true.  Even so, Tristen sprinkles a country twang on top and it sounds so good.

The Changing Colors are a folk pair that really hone in on the hearty lyrics and well-crafted guitar hooks that are equal parts comforting and catchy.  Not like pop music catchy, but there is definitely something about the simplicity of the lyrics that makes me want to sing along or hum along if I'm feeling shy.  The band calls Colorado Springs/Manitou Springs home, and their last release was an album called Ghost of Red Mountain; an eerie coincedence that conjures up images of the recent fires, though the album predates the tragedy by almost two years. Given the new perspective of current events, maybe these songs will be even more poignant performed live than they already were.

Head down to the Hi-Dive tonight, doors open at 8 PM and the show begins at 9 PM.  This is an 18 and up show, and you can see all the information online here.

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