For a while now, Radio 1190's Local Shakedown has been a great outlet for Denver's vibrant local scene. Every Friday from 4PM-6PM, the radio show delivers a well curated mixture of Denver's best home grown music to its station's listeners. To sweeten the deal, Local Shakedown often brings in bands to do live performances in studio and on broadcasts them on air.

This episode features Young Pharaohs, who narrowly made it to Boulder in time for their show due to unexpected problems with their converted school/tour bus. Thanks to their determination and a little generosity from those at Radio 1190, Young Pharaohs were able to get in and out with amazing quickness. Check out how it all went down in this video. You can listen to their on air performance in its entirety at Local Shakedown's website

Young Pharaohs: Local Shakedown from Concerted Effort on Vimeo.

Tune in today to catch an on air performance from Denver's Rubedo, and keep your eyes out for the next installment of the Local Shakedown web series featuring last week's guests, Holophrase.

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