The focus of our Local Shakedown series is to provide a documentary-style behind-the-scenes look at various band's experiences on the radio show, but this often means we don't show the whole on-air performance in those particular videos. From time to time, Concerted Effort will be digging back into our archives to share some of the previously unreleased performance footage in the form of the live performance music video series Local Shakedown Extra.

Local Shakedown Extra: Young Pharaohs - "White Shadows" from Concerted Effort on Vimeo.

This video features unreleased footage from Young Pharaohs' on-air performance back in June 29. If you caught the Local Shakedown documentary, the band spoke of performing three songs, which you can hear in its entirety via the Local Shakedown blog. This video features the on-air version of "White Shadows", a song that comes from Young Pharaohs' album by the same name available here. Check back soon for more Local Shakedown episodes (Hindershot is up next), and more unreleased footage from Local Shakedown Extra.

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