It's been a long time coming, but the wait is over: To The Night, the debut official release from Denver DJ and producer option4 is available starting today. About three years ago, option4 was slated to release an album, but an unfortunate incident robbed him of all his hard work. Understandably devastated, option4 had to start the process all over again, but that didn't come until he found new inspiration in the city he currently calls home.

After some time as a resident DJ at Lipgloss and founding a house music movement of his own called TheHundred, the moment seemed right to hit the production studio again to create a collection of songs that reflected his emotions and experiences influenced by the places he's seen and the relationships that he has built. Seeking to combine an appreciation of techno, and funky soul with house music, the four tracks on To The Night represent his interpretation.

The EP opens with the bass-laden "Sunny Side" that juxtaposes a dark tech-house feel with a hint of acid house layered under airy vocals from Aubree. "Darkworld" envelops the listener like a thick, hypnotic fog; sobering yet infectious. "Mile High Bounce" was made with Denver in mind, a tribute to the vibrant late-night/early-morning dance music scene that thrives week after week. The whole album is rooted around the fiery single "Ride On", a tech-house western inspired by a gloomy drive on the west coast that mixes acoustic guitar with thumping bass and delivers an incredible hook.

The album will be available exclusively on for one month before hitting other outlets like iTunes, so head on over there to grab a fresh copy for yourself. To celebrate the EP release, option4 will be headlining the Larimer Lounge this weekend - Saturday, August 18. This all-Denver affair presented by TheHundred and Holy Underground will include local support from Babyshoe, Jinro, Matt Ferry and London Dungeon. RSVP on Facebook and get your tickets and more information online here.

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