April is here and the spring season is in full swing here in Denver. As the birds return, flowers begin to blossom, grasses grow thick and the colors of nature vibrantly reappear, the Hi-Dive will be hosting a show featuring music that could thrive in any season, but seems all the more suited to thrive in the impermanence of this transitional season. On Sunday, April 8th, one national touring indie act and a couple local groups will come together to offer an indie rock show that will include a very broad range of styles and influences.

The headliner is Porcelain Raft, the Brooklyn based indie-pop project of Italian born Mauro Remiddi. Porcelain Raft creates an dream pop meets indie rock sound by blending shoegaze and psychedelic inspired guitars with electronic rhythms that seem to borrow a bit from chillwave. Check out "Drifting In And Out".

Candy Claws joins the lineup, an indie rock band from Fort Collins. This band has taken an intriguing approach to lounge and film score music from the 1950s, adding a helping of contemporary rock to the mix. They seem to have taken that retro sound and blended in a little bit of modern psychedelia and shoegaze to create their own outer-dimensional brand. Check out "On The Bridge".

School Knights is a Denver/Boulder based band that has been covered on this blog before. This indie rock group blends garage rock with a hint of late 90s styled pop-punk and a subtle satirical attitude. The result is a multi-layered product that appeals on the surface and gets more fun as the listener delves further into their music. Check out "You Read Books".

The Hi-Dive doors open at 8:00PM on Sunday, April 8th and the music starts at 9:00PM. The show is 18+ and tickets are $10. Tickets and more information are available online here.

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