There's a bittersweet occasion going tonight. The sweet part is easy, as it'll be a show featuring prominent names in the local Denver underground/D.I.Y. music scene and a set from a visiting DJ. The bitterness comes from the fact that this is a farewell show for someone has been incredibly important to Denver music. That person, producer and musician is none other than Pictureplane, who'll be journeying east to New York, hopefully bringing even more attention to Denver music as he continues to make waves across the nation.

Pictureplane is the project of Travis Egedy, who makes electronic music that incorporates a bit of dark wave with synth pop and even hints of trance and house, sometimes being labeled as witch house. It is a combination of sounds that definitely stands apart from anything else, which is why he has garnered so much attention for his craft. Check out "Real Is A Feeling" from his latest album, Thee Physical.

Joining the lineup are a host of local acts that have become important fixtures at the D.I.Y. capitol of denver, Rhinoceropolis; ASiEL, a queer rapper self-described as the king of hip-pop, Alphabets, an experimental electronic/dance group that plays what they call "treepunk", Hollagramz, an experimental electronic group that fuses a hint of dark wave influence with tropical and tribal rhythms, and Narky Stares, a Denver DJ best known as co-founder of the Damn Gurl monthly dance party.

DJ Dirt Girl is a special visiting guest from Santa Fe, NM. DJ Dirt Girl describes herself as an "intergalactic bounty hunter", so keep that in mind when you hear her set. Expect a fluid mix of spaced out sounds, like a zero gravity combination of grime, electro, dance-punk, house and more. Check out her "Summer of Dirt 2011" mix.

Come out to Rhinoceropolis tonight to bid farewell and party down at the same time. Things will get going around 10:00PM tonight.

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