Tonight, I'm taking a short trip out of the Denver metro area just between downtown and Boulder to the 1stBank Center. What will bring me out there? A show from an incredible acoustic guitar duo originally from Mexico; Rodrigo y Gabriela.

Although Rodrigo S├ínchez and Gabriela Quintero are from Mexico, they gained notoriety while performing as musicians in Dublin, Ireland. The two are accomplished guitarists, and they originally met each other in Mexico City as members of a metal band. They went to Ireland and started gaining acclaim for their unusual style - acoustic Latin guitar combined with the technicality and fervor of their metal-rock influences. Their resultant combined sound is both beautiful, fascinating, and just plain blows listeners away. Check out "Buster Voodoo"

With an opening performance from C.U.B.A., this show is sure to be a delight. The 1stBank Center doors open at 7:00PM and the music starts at 8:00PM. Tickets and more information are available online here.

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