This second part of Concerted Effort's year in review features a list of Top 15 performances reviewed over the past year. This list works somewhat in conjunction with Part 1, although this is for bands that stood in concerts that didn't make that list. The premise of this blog is always to review concert experiences as a whole, including opening bands, so the first list had that notion in mind and noted strong complete concerts. The bands in this second list were strong performers, they just didn't happen to be a part of a show that was as strong from start to finish.

15. Afroman at Larimer Lounge - Aug. 22. This performance was a bit of a surprise for me, since it'd been years since I heard Afroman and definitely never saw him live. He ended up being quite the captivating performer, and the crowd absolutely loved him. Take his songs for what they're worth, but he owns it up on stage, especially when he busts out the double-neck guitar.

14. King Mob at Hi-Dive - Sep. 19. These local Denver guys came out as openers and I was really impressed with their music. It's a little off-kilter and experimental, but they do a great job at trying to create and perform a new and unique sound.

13. StaG at Larimer Lounge - Oct. 5. I didn't know what to expect from this local chill meets shoegaze meets  minimal band, but they really impressed me with their sound and live performance. These guys are also a little on the experimental side and quite mellow, but I still find myself listening to their EP often, as it's quite soothing.

12. A Mouthful of Thunder at Hi-Dive - Oct. 15. This was a local opening band shrouded in mystery before I got the chance to see them live, and their debut performance was something quite unexpected. Despite the foreboding name, these guys are lighter, catchier indie rock that just seemed very polished and well done.

11. lightlooms at Hi-Dive - Sep. 26. The type of piano-based indie music this local band performs is typically something I shy away from, but it was fused so well with a modern indie rock sound that I couldn't help but like it. They also had a strong sense of identity and a lot of polish despite being an essentially new band.

10. Big Tree at Lion's Lair - Oct. 27. These guys have an awesome retro-modern sound that reminds me of old and charming '60s sunshine pop. I'm a sucker for vocal harmonies, and this band can definitely sing and sing very well while delivering a very fun performance.

9. Euforquestra at Fox Theatre - Oct. 12. This local band demonstrated the impressive ability to meld a multitude of sounds from genres around the world into one, high-energy, dance inducing, very enjoyable live show. They've got a great combo of funk, jazz, rock, afrobeat and more.

8. A. Tom Collins at Walnut Room - Nov. 4. This local band has a unique combination of rock and jazz that's heard to explain but instantly understood when heard live. This concert as a whole narrowly missed the Top 15 list, as Pink Hawks and The Legendary River Drifters were also amazing, but I had to give a nod to this band.

7. Flashlights at Larimer Lounge - Aug. 25. This band is doing great things with electropop, and that makes them one of my local favorites. Their performance on this night nearly overshadowed the import that came into town and performed after them.

6. Beirut at Fillmore Auditorium - Sep. 28. I always liked the indie world-folk vibe this band had going on and had been wanting to see them live for a long time. They were not the least bit disappointing, exhibiting extreme skill in musicianship to faithfully perform their unique songs.

5. Cut Copy at Ogden Theater - Oct. 4. These guys know how to translate their electronic dance-pop sound into something to behold in a live performanceand I was amazed at how well they commanded the crowd. This show narrowly missed the Top 15, as Washed Out and especially Midnight Magic were also superb.

4. Gardens & Villa at Hi-Dive - Sep. 18. This was one heck of an indie rock band that performed their well-crafted songs exceptionally well. They recreated everything live, all the way down to the pan flute, making for a very impressive and memorable performance.

3. Lord Huron at Hi-Dive - Aug. 10. This indie folk group was extremely impressive and nearly stole the show from headliners Typhoon, although Typhoon was incredibly amazing as well. This show was also just outside of the Top 15.

2. Force Publique at Larimer Lounge - Aug. 26. This band closed out the Denver After Dark festival extremely well, playing to a passionate and packed-in crowd. The Denver After Dark festival was a great showcase of local talent, a show that could have made the Top 15 except it wasn't possible for me to actually see the whole thing since it was a multi-venue festival. Keep your eyes out both for this band and for the next Denver After Dark festival.

1. Trentemøller at Ogden Theater - Oct. 21. Anders Trentemøller started out as a DJ then moved onto production, and he crafts some of the most impressive electronic based music I've ever heard. The live experience just took it all to an unimaginable tier, where organic instrumentation came together to bridge the gap between electronic and live music.

If you haven't seen Part 1 of the Concerted Effort year end lists, be sure to check it out. Keep your eyes open for one final year end list installment!

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