The Thanksgiving holiday was here and now gone, and after a little break for me, it's time to get back out there and check out so more shows. I'm getting back into the swing of things by going to the Fillmore Auditorium tonight. The Fillmore will be hosting four electronic based bands tonight that stray from the normal iterations of the electronic genre; these bands incorporate world fusion and experimental aspects into their sound to make for a unique listening experience.

The headliner is Beats Antique, an Oakland world fusion and electronica band. Since 2007, this band has become known for their unique blend of electronic music with Middle Eastern belly dance music, down tempo, hip-hop, jazz, afrobeat, tribal rhythms and more. Their live shows boasts not only their music, but become an entire entertainment package that includes tribal dancing and performance art. They will be touring in support of their new album Elektrafone. Check out "Cat Skillz".
Cat Skillz by beatsantique

Tipper is the solo electronic music project of David Tipper. This British producer and DJ is known for his brand of experimental electronica that combines ambient, trip-hop breakbeat and turntabilism. His live performances usually involve Tipper's unreleased compositions layered with nimble-handed vinyl scratching to deliver a music experience unlike most other. Check out "Covered in Lobsters".
Covered in Lobsters by tippermusic

The Nadis Warriors are a live electronica group from Austin. Their jamtronic sound involves the fusion of jungle, dub, drum'n'bass, trance, and funk with world influence, creating rhythms that are not only supposed to soothe the ear, but also the soul. They are purported to use tones and rhythms that affect the vibration of the listener and chakras, making for a healing dance experience. Check out "Nelumbo(Sacred Rose)(Heart)".
Nelumbo(Sacred Rose)(Heart) by Nadis Warriors

Lynx is a solo singer-songwriter and producer originally from Colorado but now based in Oakland. She crafts a unique electronica based sound by fusing electronic beats with folk music creating a blend that can be called "folktronica". The result is a moody yet catchy sound that is as rhythmic as it is melodic. Check out "Young Blood".

The Fillmore Auditorium doors open at 7:00PM. The show is 16+ and tickets are $27.50 + fees.

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