Last month Denver was introduced to an exciting new concept: a house music based party for the people by the people now ubiquitously known as TheHundred. The night was a rousing success, as people came in droves to see what the hype was about and dance the night away. But the real test was the sophomore effort - could the concept endure or would it just be a flash in the pan? Would people still be interested in taking a ride once the new car smell wore off? By the look of things last night, this town is ready to strap in for the long haul and go wherever TheHundred can take them, as the second installment of this ever-growing party passed the test with flying colors.

Roger Sampson

The night began a little earlier than last time, with more local support billed to get the dancing started. Discothreat was originally slated to kick off the evening, but ended up not able to make it, so option4 threw down a spontaneous opening set of smooth grooves to begin the night. He was followed by Roger Sampson, a Chicago transplant now based in Denver. Roger Sampson took the stage and began to fill the venue with silky deep house with a disco flair, getting the early crowd in the dancing mood as people began to filter in to the venue. His mid-tempo mix was a good introduction to what the night would bring.

Matt Ferry

Next up was Denver local Matt Ferry, who setup behind the decks with plenty of musical freshness in tow. He followed the previous act's lead with a fluid house music mix of his own, revealing Matt Ferry's propensity to find the latest and greatest tracks and stream them together into something seamless. His mostly instrumental house set conjured up the feeling of a discotheque as his song selection featured music that struck a balance between retro disco-funk and modern danceability.

Dylan Le Disko

Dylan Le Disko took the stage next, and as the dance floor began to pack he used his mix to turn up the intensity dial a couple of notches. Dylan Le Disko exhibited versatility behind the decks, as his style usually involves a combination of disco-like house mated with hard hitting electro, but to keep with the smooth house theme, Dylan Le Disko had to figure out how to achieve that same effect without using anything too gratuitous. By the sound of it and by the look of the crowd on the dance floor, I'd say he did a job well done thanks to his careful selection of nu-disco songs that took people right where they wanted to be.


With the Beauty Bar dance floor now packed with a crowd dancing shoulder to shoulder and good vibes through the roof, option4 hit the decks next, latching onto the energy in the room and piping in much more like only this seasoned DJ could. True to his characteristic style, option4 began to string together a solid mix of groovy house, inciting madness on the dance floor. As he was laying down tracks, I couldn't help but feel like he was in my head - I'd be feeling one song and would think to myself what I'd like to hear next and like magic option4 would bring in that track next. Yet at the same time, he would drop some unexpected hotness that kept wide smiles on the faces of the crowd with some crazy disco-tised mashes and remixes. The temperature in room probably doubled by the time option4 was finished behind the decks, so one was left to wonder if people would still have anything for the dance floor.


Once the headliner MyKill took the stage, any inkling of wonderment about the stamina of the crowd vanished - people were going to party until the very end and leave everything on the dance floor. San Francisco DJ/producer MyKill took the night to the next level with a mix of his originals and crafty selections of French style filter disco. It was the perfect progression to cap a night of good music, making the whole event a solid experience. From the very onset of his mix, MyKill brought the intensity in the room to its peak and never let go until the house lights came on and people had to be ushered out the door at closing time. The Bay Area has known about MyKill for quite some time, and now Denver had the chance to see why he is held in such high regard. If you are a fan of house music, MyKill is definitely worth checking out.

If you aren't clued into TheHundred just yet, don't sleep on it much longer. This party has a vibe unlike any other and it'll only continue to grow. The upcoming year has big things in store for TheHundred, so keep your eyes peeled!

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