The variety of music in the local music scene is quite impressive, so much so though it can get a little overwhelming trying to keep track of it all. Every different person has a variety of personal tastes, but one of the goals of this blog is to point people in the direction of something new from a wide variety of styles and genres. With this in mind, Concerted Effort is proud to present a show that features high quality local indie rock. This Friday, January 7th, the Hi-Dive will feature three up-and-coming local acts that should make for a great show.

The headliner is Moon Tides from Fort Collins. Moon Tides is an indie surf rock band that brings the modern coastal rock sound to our landlocked mountain state. This band creates songs that have the perfect balance of mellow mood but playful energy - the perfect soundtrack for a day spent at the beach. Check out the newly released single "1966", featuring a sound so dreamy one could close their eyes and find their beach.
Moon Tides - 1966 by Concerted Effort

Next up is Boulder based indie rock band StaG. This band creates dreamy modern rock with an almost shoegaze like sound except much loftier and ethereal instead of a noisy wall-of-sound like approach. Still, the music they make is mellow and introspective, made with a combination of live instruments and recorded samples. This band also seems to have a coastal/modern surf rock aspect to their sound, likely because they originally come from Los Angeles. I've seen this band before and I thought they did so well they made the Top 15 Performances list for 2011. Check out "Offwise".
Offwise by StaG

Local Denver indie pop group Shaky Molars will get the evening started. This band makes lighthearted pop-rock music that promotes fun through their music and lyricism. They take a different approach to indie pop than most would, a style that's hard to explain but instantly recognizable. This six-piece band should be fun to watch and do well to get the night started. Check out "Daniele Marie Miller".
Shaky Molars - Daniele Marie Miller by Concerted Effort

The Hi-Dive doors open at 8:00PM on Saturday, January 7th and the music begins at about 9:00PM. The show is 18+ and tickets are $6 at the door. Tickets can be purchased online here.

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