Unfortunately, I can't go to every show every night, although I'd certainly love to. Sometimes life takes precedence and that means I'll be stuck at work tonight. Still, I can tell you what's coming up, and there are definitely a couple good options for Friday. I realize there are only a few hours before night falls. Next time I'll try to be more timely!

For those on a budget, try going to Casselman's Bar & Venue tonight in Boulder. They will be host to Denver locals Flashlights, who will be performing a DJ set for free. I really like these guys' sound, and although they won't be performing their songs, DJ sets are great in another way. Whenever an artists performs a DJ set, it offers a window into what songs may have been influences to them or just what music they may be into. The set starts at 9:00PM. If you are near the Boulder area, you don't have anything to lose anyway, because it's free!

For the womp-heads out there, there will be a huge, double venue bass show at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom and Cervantes' Other Side. I admit, the dubstep circuit is getting a little saturated and I haven't familiarized myself with all ten artists that will be there, but a few standouts are R/D, Blockhead and iLL.Gates, all performing in the main ballroom. R/D and iLL.Gates will appease any dubstep fan, while Blockhead has a more unique (as in not dubstep) sound, but I think he will be a good change of pace and setup iLL.Gates very well. The party gets started at 9:00PM.

Also, back at the Larimer Lounge is Cass McCombs Band with Porlolo and Miss America. I don't know the latter two bands, but have heard of Cass McCombs before. Admittedly, I'm not really a Cass McCombs fan, but I do like "Dreams-Come-True-Girl". Yes, I am aware that song is a little cheesy, but I like it nonetheless. The music starts at the Larimer Lounge at, you guessed it, 9:00PM.

R/D - 'Passion Designer' FREE DOWNLOAD by R/D
Blockhead - Sunday Seance by manu_el
My Special Place - A Free DL from upcoming ill.Methodology by ill.gates

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