Last weekend I had the pleasure of seeing The Funk Ark, Empresarios, and Orgone completely tear Cervantes' Other Side with an incredible funk show. Apparently, the Empresarios enjoyed Denver so much, they had to return a week later as they head their tour back eastward. This Washington D.C. band delivers funk with with a healthy does of salsa, cumbia, and reggae. Both of their singers sing in Spanish, and although I have no idea what they are saying, whatever it is it gets my body moving. Best of all, tonight's show is free for those 21+!

Before the Empresarios take the stage, the Video Killers will deliver a unique set of video mashups. I have tried to find something online that would offer a preview of what they do, but came up short. I'm intrigued with what these guys are going to do, though, so I can't wait to check them out.

The festivities begin tonight at Cervantes' Other Side at 9:00PM. Come check these guys out tonight - it's a free show - there's nothing to lose!

Empresarios Cumbia & Pereo-Intenso by shauna-b-alexander

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