It was 10 years ago that Ben Kweller's first album was released and the red-headed wunderkind shot to the top of the charts with his pop-rock teen anthem "Wasted and Ready". Now in 2012, Kweller has released five studio albums, the last of which marks the first album he has recorded and released under his new record label - The Noise Company - which is solely managing Kweller releases, but Kweller states clearly on their website that, "it's my full intent to one day find and develop unknown artists as well as help established artists by giving them the honesty, truth, transparency and passion they deserve from the team of people in charge of bringing their music to the public." Kweller's music has a far range, mostly in the power pop arena but swaying between classic rock and alt-country every now and then.

Kweller's Go Fly A Kite was just released in February, and it would seem that 2012 has been pretty busy for the anti-folk songwriter. Starting his tour with a full band in early February, Kweller made a pit stop at SXSW for a handful of dates, has already traveled from coast to coast, and will be heading to Europe for a handful of shows in England in May. Just last week, Kweller made a special appearance on the Conan show on April 25 where he played a song off of his new album (

Ben Kweller will be joined by a fellow southern band, Sleeper Agent, based in Bowling Green, Kentucky. The six-piece band released their first album in 2011 and have had moderate success on college radio stations with the single "Get It Daddy". The group was apart of the Coachella lineup, which means we may be seeing more of them around Denver as their popularity grows.

Also opening for Kweller will be The Dig from Brooklyn, NY. They will be supporting their new album Midnight Flowers which should add to the overall rock-and-roll feel of the evening. The Bluebird will be opening doors tonight at 7:00 PM with the show set to begin at 8:00 PM, ages 16 and up are welcome. See more details at the event page here.

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