Rock and roll. Since the middle part of this past century, those two words have conjured up not just a type of music, but a lifestyle. The attitude drenched sound that took the '50s by storm meant more to the subsequent generations that would experience it than just music itself. The genre has since evolved from its advent, being the influence and inspiration of future genres and sub-genres to this very day. Still, there is something romantic about any music that can tap into the original spirit of rock and roll, which is what makes tonight's show presented by Tone Dynamix at Herman's Hideaway especially enticing. Four contemporary Colorado bands will be channeling the spirit of rock and roll in what is sure to be one of the most energetic shows of the year thus far.

The headlining band is In The Whale. Originally a side project that Nate Valdez and Eric Riley put together in the Greely area as they were a part of other bands, the band grew into their main project and the pair moved to Denver early last year to inject themselves into the vibrant Denver music scene. In The Whale takes a fresh-sounding approach to a tried and true genre - rock and roll. With the understanding that attitude is just as crucial as the sound itself, In The Whale has become known for their incredibly energetic live performances. Check out "Woman".

Joining the night's lineup are fellow Denver rockers Carl Carrell and The Consequence. This five piece band also taps into that raw energy of vintage rock and roll, while also injecting a bit of contemporary twist with the addition of synthesizers. Sometimes a bit psychedelic, but always earnest, the Carl Carrell and The Consequence sound should definitely please fans of rock and roll. Check out "My Luv".

Ghost In The Machine is a rock band from Fort Collins that seems heavily influenced by later offshoots of early rock and roll. Ghost In The Machine seems to add a little more weight to the rock and roll sound akin to alternative and heavy rock acts from the '90s. This band's performance should help kick off the night and start the journey back in time. Check out "Did You Know?".

The emergence of rock and roll was heavily rooted in blues, and so starting the night with the Denver-based four-piece band Portobello Road seems like a logical place to begin. Portobello road seems to approach the blues rock genre with helpings of modern influences. Underneath the blues rock sound, there seems to be underlying layers of reggae rock and punk ska. Check out "Space Oddity".

The doors at Herman's Hideaway open at 7:00PM and the music starts at 8:00PM. The show is 21+ and tickets are $10 at the door. Tickets and more information are available online here.

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