Named after the comic book hero of the same name, The Phantom’s Revenge will take the stage tonight alongside The Twelves, boyhollow and option4 at Marquis Theater. The 23-year-old French house producer will bring his disco blitz, funky sampling and glitchy remixes to Denver tonight for one of the most outrageous weeknight dance parties we’ve seen in a while.

Our friend Ashley Hall of Early Bird // Night Owl caught up with The Phantom’s Revenge to chat about his influences, his infamous moniker and touring.

AH: For some of us who've yet to hear of you, can you tell us a bit about your background and  what the number one thing we should know about you as an artist?
PR: So, I'm making music now [for the first time in] maybe something like four years. I have no special background, I just decided to get into music four or five years ago when I was working in a bank. Rock 'n' roll, right? The number one thing you should know is that I can do a lot of things for a good pizza.

AH: Growing up in France, who were some of the most influential French musicians that inspired your music? What about American artists?
PR: I was mostly influenced by American artists to begin with, like Paul Johnson, Armand Van Helden – those guys from Chicago. And of course, from a French point of view, Daft Punk, and some other DJs from around 2000. Then later, I think Justice, Breakbot and Mr. Oizo became huge influences.

AH: How did you decide to call yourself The Phantom's Revenge?
PR: It's quite random. I like cheesy movies, like bad movies that are so bad they become good. I just bumped into this Phantom movie from 1995 and I loved it in a really strange way. The name comes from this.

AH: After extensive touring, I’m sure you've had some pretty crazy experiences on the road. Can you share an epic  tour story with us?
PR: Honestly nothing that crazy! I mean not Justice across the universe crazy. There is this time, when I was playing in Sao Paulo, Brazil for the second time, played a set for a packed club, and at the end of the set, they like just grabbed me in threw me in the air like they sometimes do after a sports game. The epic part of the story is I managed to keep my drink almost intact.

AH: What can your fans expect from you next?
PR: More tracks, more music, more breakdance. A few things are on the way, one release on Nervous, a new EP, things like that.

AH: There are a lot of dialogues from movies incorporated into your songs, what's your all time favorite movie?
Full Metal Jacket

AH: Are you a big fan of The Twelves? Have you played with them before?
PR: I’ve never had the chance to play with them, and of course I am a fan. Basically, if you don't like The Twelves’ music you are dead inside.

AH: Are there any other artists you are anxious to work with?
PH: The list is way too long, too many cool people out there. But if I had to choose, something with Armand Van Helden wouldn't be bad!

Check out The Phantom's Revenge along with The Twelves, option4 and boyhollow presented by Lipgloss at the Marquis Theater tonight. The doors open at 8:30PM and the music starts around 9:00PM. The show is 18+ and tickets are $17. Tickets and more information are available online here.

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