It seems like it was just yesterday that I was at the Hi-Dive...well I was, but there's another show tonight that will happily bring me back there. This time the Hi-Dive is featuring a trio of indie rock bands that foray a bit into art rock at varying degrees - there will be an eclectic blend of pop, classical structures, folk, progressive, jazz, psychedelia, and more - an aural buffet that'll be sure to satiate music fans' appetites. The show features two national bands and a strong local supporting act that should make for one very memorable show from start to finish.

The headliner is the Brooklyn-based indie band Suckers. Despite having a three person lineup in their band, these experimental rockers employ the use of a host of instruments and all of them provide vocals. Along with the traditional rock band instruments - guitar, bass, drums - Suckers uses samplers, keyboards, brass, and various other percussion instruments to create a multi-layered indie-pop sound that combines catchy melodies with deceivingly complex instrumentalism. Check out "Turn On The Sunshine".

Denver art rock group Raven & The Writing Desk joins the night's strong lineup. It was just less than a week ago that I saw this band at Brass Tree Sessions, but after their mind-blowing performance there I'm ready to see this band every chance I get. Raven & The Writing Desk is art rock at its finest, a smooth blend of classical  and progressive rock influences with hints of folk thrown in the mix. They create a thick, multi-faceted sound that's so carefully crafted it's a marvel to hear rather than an incomprehensible mash - and the way it comes together live is an absolute joy to watch. Check out "Infancy Til' Death".

Chicago-based Young Man rounds out the night's bill. It was also just a couple weeks ago that I saw this band, at the Hi-Dive to boot, but it only took that one performance to leave a lasting impression that led me to seek them out again. Although perhaps not art rockers themselves, the myriad of styles this band employs in their sound asserts their place in this lineup. I heard a wide range of influences, from krautrock, shoegaze, to alt-rock and more that kept my full attention and wowed my ears. Although some of their music seems mellow at the surface - especially the recorded songs from their first album - Young Man has not one but two albums on the horizon that features a more uproarious sound that is captivating live. Check out "Do".

The Hi-Dive doors open at 8:00PM tonight and the show starts at 9:00PM. The show is 18+ and tickets are $12 at the door. Tickets and more information are available online here.

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