R&B (rhythm and blues) music has come along way since its inception sometime in the mid '40s. What began as music defined by its raw combination of assertive rhythms with jazz influence, the term began to label predominately blues music until blues evolved into rock 'n' roll. Then R&B began to describe music that combined electric rock with soul and gospel music. Later down the line, further offshoots of R&B incorporated heavy pop elements. Tonight, the Hi-Dive will host a few bands that have an R&B influence, but don't quite fit in any existing definition of the genre - a testament to the ongoing evolution of music.

The headliner is Twin Sister, an indie rock band from Long Island, NY. For this band, indie rock is a broad generalization, as this band features a sound that draws from a host of past genres and gives them a modern touch. Through the course of their songs, there are disco, retro pop, psychedelic, and R&B influences, drawing from styles from the '50s through the '90s, but when it all comes together it stands alone as something modern. The one constant in Twin Sister's sound are the vocals, a unique subdued yet bold tone that floats over the variety of the band's songs. Check out "Meet The Frownies".

Ava Luna, another New York indie band, this time from Brooklyn, joins the lineup. This band also blends several styles, but the heaviest influences seem to be experimental rock and R&B. Ava Luna seems to take the notion that R&B can be more than insistent rhythms with gospel and soul influenced vocals. Ava Luna takes the soul and gives it a heavy dose of rock, with intricate modern rock instrumentation. The result is R&B with a new kind of fervor and attitude. Check out "Wrenning Day".

Young Pharaohs joins this innovative lineup as local support. Young Pharaohs, formerly known as King Mob, also take a very exploratory approach to R&B. This group takes soulful, emotive vocals and matches it not with rock, jazz or blues, but experimental electronica. The resulting combination adds a sinister layer to the sound yet maintains sex appeal. Check out "Mr. 100".

The doors open at the Hi-Dive at 8:00PM and the music starts at 9:00PM. The show is all ages and tickets are $12. Tickets and more information are available online here.

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