With the SnowBall Music Festival 2012 just around the corner, it's time to take a look at the artists that will keep this festival going. Now into its second year, SnowBall is bringing a variety of up-and-coming and established artists to the Colorado mountains for a weekend long party. Concerted Effort will give a very quick breakdown on what to expect from each artist on each day. This post will outline what to expect on Friday, March 2nd.

This Fort Collins, CO based immersive electronic group creates a total audio and visual experience through live progressive music, dancing and visuals. Their dubstep meets progressive electronic style gives a trance-like aspect to this burgeoning music style. Check out "Red Beams".
THE ACIDOPHILES - Red Beams by The Acidophiles

This electronic duo is coming to Colorado all the way from Sydney, Australia. Bag Raiders creates music that combines nu-disco with electro-pop and a distinctive summery Australian sound. Their live shows are enhanced with high energy and a little live percussion. Check out this blog's prior coverage and listen to "Shooting Stars".
Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars by Seppdlx

Although he is best known as one half of the prolific rap group OutKast, Big Boi broke out as a solo artist in 2005, showing off the ability to hold his own. This Atlanta based MC will bring his southern style rap skills to Vail Valley. Check out "Tangerine".
Big Boi- Tangerine by Big Boi

This band is a local representative from Avon, CO. They are a band that organically creates a combination of funk, jazz and disco jams using electric guitar, bass, keyboard and drums. Check out their SoundCloud page for some live recordings.

Bonfire Dub is a reggae/dub band from Vail, CO. Their laid back dub sound will be accompanied by School of Rock. Check out their music on ReverbNation.

Break Science is a duo from Brooklyn that melds together bass heavy electronic music with classic styled hip-hop. Their genre bending productions and live performances incorporate analog synths and live drumming to enhance their hard-hitting sound. They'll be laying down beats for the legendary Chali 2NA from Jurassic 5. Check out "Forest of Illumination".
01 Forest Of Illumination - Monolith Code by Break Science

Deer Tick is an Americana/folk-rock band from Providence, Rhode Island. Despite their east coast origins, this band creates heartfelt folk-rock with a southern blues influence and a little hint of alternative country. Check out "Blood Moon".
Deer Tick - Blood Moon by zwoen

DJ adamROSS is a tech and deep house DJ from Vail, CO. He'll be supplying a steady flow of grooves throughout his DJ set. Check out one of his recent DJ sets.

Originally from Santa Barbara, CA, this now Boulder based DJ makes original productions and mixes dubstep, drum & bass, house and electro. He's known for keeping a constant variety from set to set, with the one constant being a high level of energy and intensity. Check out "LGPD".
LGPD by Skywalkerr

The Drunken Hearts are a three-piece jam rock band with a heavy bluegrass influence. This Vail, CO based band will treat festival goers to their mountain bluegrass sound. Check out "Holes In My Shoes".
Holes in My Shoes by amcconathy

DubSkin is a six-piece reggae band from Fort Collins, CO. Since 2006, they've released a couple full-length albums that have given this band national attention. Although this band has a solid reggae base, they've been known to throw in a mix of other styles like funk, rock and hip-hop. Check out "Ever Present".
06 Ever Present by DUBSKIN

Elephant Revival is a folk/Americana band from Boulder/Nederland, CO. This five piece band approaches the folk genre with a bit of experimentation, giving them a unique orchestral Americana indie-pop sound. Check out "Go On".
Elephant Revival - Go On by nettwerkmusicgroup

This multi-piece band creates extended jams that incorporate a danceable style of progressive rock and funk. This Boulder based band tailors all their music with one thing in mind - creating a dance-floor friendly live music atmosphere. Check out "Milf Song".
Milf Song by EminenceEnsemble

One of Denver's premier electro-pop groups, this duo combines retro and futuristic dance floor ready instrumentation with new wave like vocals. They've been featured on this blog before if you'd like to learn more. Check out "New Hampshire Pt II".
*Bonus Track* New Hampshire Part II by FLASHLIGHTS

This talented producer from New York creates a hip-hop styled sound by melding together a host of influences from funk, soul, jazz and blues. His instrumental productions are packed tight with ridiculous feeling and energy. Check out "In My City".
 Gramatik - In My City by Gramatik

This four-piece dubstep group comes from San Francisco to deliver hard-hitting dubstep and electro in a rattling live set full of bass. They'll be sure to bring lots of womp with them to the Vail Valley. Check out "The Wrestler".
Helicopter Showdown & Sluggo - The Wrestler (Helicopter Showdown VIP) by Helicopter Showdown

Based out of Denver, this electronic music duo creates experimental electronic productions with a wide range of influences - from 2-step, bass music, tropical, and more. Take a look at some of their coverage on this blog and check out "Smoking Mirror".
Smoking Mirror by HOLLAGRAMZ

The Lumineers is a rising Denver based folk-rock trio. They combine acoustic rock with roots revival folk to create an earnest sound and live experience that keep fans wanting more and more. Check out "Hey Ho".
The Lumineers - Ho Hey by AMY

Kingston Jamaica based Major Lazer is reggae music reinvented with the help of electronic production. This isn't your normal laid back reggae, this is electronic reggae designed for the club - reggae enhanced with heavy beats that are designed to crush dance floors. Check out "Original Don".
Major Lazer - Original Don by J1bba

MartyParty is one of the biggest purveyors of the purple a genre - a combination of dubstep, bass music, and hip-hop. This South African born but now New York based producer makes a laid back sound that can still hit hard on the dance floor. Check out "Lookin' For Trouble".
Lookin' For Trouble by MartyParty

This Denver based house producer creates music that is sometimes deep, sometimes atmospheric, yet infectiously danceable as he explores a number of electronic genres - from bass music, 2-step, dupstep and more. Check out "Sanctuary".
Mimosa-Sanctuary by ENDIT! Management

This four-piece indie rock band from Santa Monica, CA creates a blend of modern alternative rock and indie pop that gives the band cross genre appeal. Their unique sound uses a variety of structures and sounds that sets them apart yet still remains very catchy. Check out "Remembrance of Things to Come".
Remembrance Of Things To Come by Princeton

One of the pioneers of what was once an obscure genre, this dubstep producer has seen the fledgling genre grow into what it is today, and he has had a big part in its progression. This English producer will be bringing his influential dubstep sound to Colorado in a headlining role. Check out "Cockney Thug".
Cockney Thug by Rusko

Sub.mission is not any particular group, but an entire electronic music collective. This Denver organization consists of not only artists, but the people behind and in front of the scene - promoters and music fans. They come together to promote not just music, but the culture that surrounds it. Check out this dubstep track from an artist within the collective, "Bed Bunkers From World War III" by White Robot.
White Robot - Bed Bunkers From World War III by Sub.mission Dubstep

Originating from Dallas, TX, this now Colorado based veteran DJ and producer now represents the esteemed local music label, Pretty Lights Music. His productions are electronic based but include and are influenced by a host of genre thanks to SuperVision's experience as a DJ. Check out "Giving Me Life".
Giving Me Life by ThatSuperVision

This band from Denver combines reggae and dub with progressive electronic music to create a reggae based sound with an eye toward the future. Find out more about this band from prior blog coverage, and check out "Dubtronic".
Dubtronic by TATANKA

THiCK CHiCK is a Boulder, CO based duo that creates electro-dub. They take the bass heavy and wompy aspects of dupstep and increase the tempo to create even more dance floor fuel. Using control pads and surfaces, the duo's live shows include a lot of hands-on manipulation, enhancing the live experience. Check out "Moe Greene Special".
Moe Greene Special (Original Mix) by THiCK CHiCK

Thundercat is the product of bass-playing extraordinaire Stephen Bruner from Los Angeles. Wielding a bass, he'll also incorporate electronic production and add vocals to create something that sounds like a combination of electro-funk and R&B. Check out "Daylight".
Thundercat - Daylight by BRAINFEEDER

Tropicool is the project of Los Angeles based David La Melza, who creates summer-like disco funk mixes that include accompaniment from steel drums, keytar and saxophone. He'll try to take away the frigid mountain air with his warm dance floor friendly sound. Check out "Gooch Tape #3".
Gooch Tape #3 by Tropicool (official)

Brooklyn based Wolf+Lamb and SoulClap from Germany, two great forces in house music, are teaming up to create a seamless mix of deep house, funk and disco. Check out this enormous mix from last year's Burning Man.
Wolf + Lamb vs. Soul Clap - Robot Heart - Burning Man 2011 by Robot Heart

Be sure to check out the preview for Saturday and Sunday's lineup. SnowBall is just around the corner, tickets and more information are available at SnowBall's website.

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