By Saturday evening the skies were finally clear. The storm that started Thursday night and dumped a fair share of snow on the Denver metro area had passed. Now, not only was it the heart of the weekend, but people finally had the chance to go out again after staying holed up to get away from the bad weather. The best remedy for cabin fever was at the Summit Music Hall, as Lipgloss, TheHundred and Girls & Boys Denver presented a dance party perfect for releasing the extra energy people stored away while waiting for the weather to clear.

The night began with a trio of local support. CLUB COLD duo London Dungeon, Lipgloss/Girls & Boys Denver founder boyhollow, and TheHundred founder option4 traded DJ sets to warm up the night. All three acts rotated thirty minute long sets all the way up until it was time for the headliner, making sure to keep the music flowing but varied so that the dance party would never reach a lull. The rotation approach gave each act a chance to play two sets - one for the early crowd and one when the venue got packed much tighter.

London Dungeon

London Dungeon, the duo of Van Kalsing and Thrashton Kutcher, kicked off the night and kept it going later with a house music set. They played a variety of house music styles, trending toward the deeper side of the genre at times, to get the crowd into the dancing mood. Their early set welcomed the early crowd, as people began to file toward the dance floor right away. Their later set maintained the energy that the opening acts were steadily building up until the main event.


Experienced DJ boyhollow unleashed an eclectic variety of electronic music on the crowd in his sets that really hyped the crowd. Despite the limitations of working with divided, shorter sets, he managed to work in classic disco, indie dance, house and even a few doses of electro bangers. Although he mixed music from all over the place, his mix never seemed haphazard thanks to boyhollow's ability to maintain a steady, seamless flow from one song to another.


Smooth house aficionado option4 not only brought out very danceable, crowd-pleasing grooves during his sets, he also brought with him an energetic stage presence that constantly fed energy to the dance hungry crowd. His set consisted mainly of mid-tempo house that put dancers in a good mood, and he transferred positive energy to the crowd not only through his music but also through his demeanor. He got the audience to dance along, put their hands in the air, and go crazy at all the right moments, getting the crowd charged for the final act to come.

Passion Pit DJ Set

Finally, it was time for the DJ set the crowd had been waiting for. A couple members of the acclaimed electropop group Passion Pit were in house, and they were ready to share a dance-inducing DJ set of their own. Passion Pit bassist Jeff Apruzzese and drummer Nate Donmoyer were in house to represent the band. Jeff Apruzzese quickly took charge of the wheels of steel, churning out a house music set that kept the Summit Music Hall dance floor crowded all the way to the night's end.

Passion Pit DJ Set

Passion Pit is known for their intricately arranged brand of electropop with a unique sound derived from its synth heavy footprint, but the Passion Pit DJ set definitely explored electronic music outside of those boundaries. Electing to reveal a few influential dance tracks and personal Passion Pit party favorites, the set featured a lot of tracks that came from throughout the umbrella of house music. The set did sneak in a few of Passion Pit's original tunes, but the focus on this night was an expression of the band's house music appreciation through a steady, seamless mix.

option4, Jeff Apruzzese, Nate Donmoyer and boyhollow

The crowd responded well to all acts the entire night. The venue began to fill early and stay packed late as the spirited crowd came to dance, enjoy great mixes, and just generally have a good time. The non-stop DJ mix format meant the action never died down, and allowed people to cycle in and out of the heart of the crowd at their leisure. The constant variety of music leading up to the headliner kept the song selection interesting and kept the dance floor bubbling all night long. Having a show put on by the minds that throw some of Denver's best weekly and monthly parties assured that the crowd was in good hands, and by the end of the night any lingering notions of cabin fever had been melted away.

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