What if there was an event that happened every month where the goal was bringing in up and coming talent chosen by popular demand and the focus on generating profit was left out of the equation? Could a non-profit dance party exist? It definitely can, and now onto its fourth month, TheHundred dance parties are quickly becoming among the most sought after nights in town thanks to its unconventional approach to booking.

The hottest, on the verge artists get scouted and hand picked by music fanatics, so the quality of the music is always fresh and top-notch. Because the parties are non-profit, tickets are always as cheap as possible, as any money generated goes to supporting the artist. The dance floor is always packed and full of good vibes because the same passionate people that brought the show are bringing energy to the dance floor, and that energy is extremely contagious. It all happens again at the end of this month, this time on Saturday, February 25th at Beauty Bar. If you are a fan of house music and dancing, save that date, because it's going to go off.

This month's headliner is Chicago born and New York based producer and DJ Brenmar. Brenmar is one of the most forward thinking artists on the scene right now, taking his love for hip-hop, R&B, bass music, house and juke and combining them into futuristic club music for the here and now. Built with a solid house foundation, Brenmar's songs will cleverly blend in Chicago style juke with the feel of nineties hip-hop and R&B. The resulting sound is a fresh, funky and undeniably fun. Check out "Temperature Rising".

The founder of TheHundred, option4, will be back to lay down a couple solid sets in edition to being the curator of this party. He'll get the night started with smooth, deep, mood-setting grooves and he'll come back later in the night with disco delights. When he isn't busy presenting parties, rocking DJ sets, and teaching the world about DayRage™, he's been putting together a new original EP that he just might unleash a little taste of at this party. Check out his remix of Exosphere's "Violet Winter".

Peter Black is a Denver DJ making his second appearance at TheHundred. Peter Black has been busy on the scene as a DJ, lacing together mixes of smart selections from deep house, juke, bass, UK funky and more. His discerning ear and constant digging allows him to put together sets that are both danceable and full of fresh flavors. When he's not behind the decks, he is busy with Analog Space and putting on a host of events at the Meadowlark Bar. Check out his mix for Analog Space's Denver After Dark series.

Narky Stares is a DJ that is becoming a local fixture thanks to her monthly party Damn Gurl. Adept at mixing a variety of dance inducing styles, expect Narky Stares to deliver smooth and groovy house throughout her set to keep feet moving on the dance floor. Find more information on Narky Stares on Facebook.

Collin McKenna is making his Denver DJ debut. As a contributor to the Star Stuff Scallywags blog, he has demonstrated the qualities of a discerning tastemaker. As a member of TheHundred, he is getting the opportunity to showcase his skills at laying down a DJ set. Collin answerd a few questions to give a little more insight into who he is. Check out the interview below:

Concerted Effort: Where are you from/how long have you lived in Denver?
Collin McKenna: I was born in Salt Lake City, grew up in the Springs, and lived here for around 11 years.

CE: How did you become a part of TheHundred?
CM: I'm really honored by the fact that option4 clued me in on the concept shortly after he came up with it. I think I was like the third person he told and of course he asked me if I wanted to be a part of it at that point.

CE: What's your musical background?
CM: I played drums throughout high school in a ska/punk band. I can still play, but I'm definitely rusty. 

CE: What kind of genres/styles can we expect to hear?
CM: I plan on staying true to the house leaning vibe that we've all come to expect by setting it off with some high energy disco and funk infused house grooves. I may throw in a few surprises...we shall see.

CE: What are some of your DJ influences?
CM: I can't deny the fact that I'm a huge fan of the big room sound, but I love and continuously educate myself on many genres of dance music. That being said, it's hard to narrow it down. Seeing that I have a tremendous amount of pride for our scene, I would probably have to say the locals are my biggest influences. I really look up to Peter Black, option4 and boyhollow. They've done, and continue to do, huge things for a scene that I've taken from for so long. I'm very humbled to have the opportunity to try and give back. I'm a huge fan of Brenmar and to be able to share a bill with him for my first live set is EPIC. This day and age technology makes DJing an elementary affair. It's really not hard. It's more about the tracks you play, how you put them together and your ability to work a crowd. That being said, I have a tremendous amount of respect for those that started before the technology existed. If you can throw down a vinyl set, I welcome you to look me in my eyes and tell me I suck. I will gladly smile and nod in agreement. I've always wanted to share my love of music through DJing and I understand that everyone wants and thinks they can do that this day and age. I plan to continue to educate myself, support those around me and hope they do the same for me. I can't thank option4 enough for blessing me with this opportunity and I hope to have more like it down the road. I look forward to sharing the bill with him, Peter Black, Narky Stares and of course Brenmar! I welcome any criticism they decide to throw at me and encourage everyone else to bear with me.

The party is at Beauty Bar on Saturday, February 25. The doors open at 8:00PM and the music starts at 9:00PM. The show is 21+ and tickets are only $5 at the door. The event is expected to reach capacity, so come early to avoid being left out! Find out more information on Facebook.

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