For the last part of Concerted Effort's SnowBall preview, here's a brief look at all the artists performing on the final day of the festival, Sunday, March 4. If you haven't taken a look at the previews for Friday and Saturday's lineups, be sure to do so. Also, SnowBall has released the schedule of events for each day, so you can plan which acts you would like to see. If you check out their schedule app on Facebook, you can share which acts you are going to see with your friends and look at the schedule on your mobile phone while at the festival so you'll always know what's up.

This independent rapper from Los Angeles broke out onto the scene about a decade ago with his signature hit "Because I Got High". Since then, he's released a host of other albums with songs along the same vein - all about partying and just plain having a good time. See his prior coverage on this blog and listen to "Crazy Rap".
12-afroman-crazy rap 2009 by AFROMAN

Los Angeles and Phoenix, AZ based At Dawn We Rage performs as a duo; producer Stormy with Travis on live drums. At Dawn We Rage creates a combination of trance-like electronica with dubstep and drumstep - songs that can be both slightly atmospheric and moody but also hit hard when it's time for the drop. Check out "Flashing Lights".
AT DAWN WE RAGE - FLASHING LIGHTS by at dawn we rage

Bassnectar, from San Francisco, CA is an electronic music producer with a very eclectic style. His repertoire of songs includes genre influences from across the spectrum - hip-hop, alt rock, metal, punk and more - all fused to bass heavy soundscapes that makes this headliner's music as hypnotizing as it is intense. Check out "Color Storm".
Bassnectar - Color Storm by Bassnectar

Beats Antique is a fusion of gypsy influenced music with hard hitting electronic beats and production from Oakland, CA. The synthesis of live instrumentation and clever production creates a seamless, sultry sound - enhanced by the tantalizing visual addition of live dancing. See their prior coverage on this blog and listen to "She Is Looking For Something".
Beats Antique - She Is Looking For Something by Madison House

Originating from Muscle Shoals, Alabama, BoomBox is a duo that fuses electronic beats with psychedelic rock and dance floor disco. They create a smooth groove with an organic feel but incredible danceability. Check out "Me And My Baby".
Me and My Baby - Live by boomboxmusic

Boulder, CO based Crushendo (formerly Slim Thugz) seek out cross genre lines with their bass heavy electronic sound. These proponents of jazz-step and intelligent bass music combine melodic production with rattling hip-hop style beats and big bass. Check out a mix of their Drop Logic EP.
Drop Logic EP Minimix by Crushendo

DallasK is an Orlando, FL based electronic music producer. His style incorporates elements of progressive house and hard-hitting and glitchy electro, making for a big room sound that has taken clubs by storm. Check out a preview of one of his original tracks, "Jupiter".
Jupiter (Original Mix) OUT NOW ON BAZOOKA RECORDS! by DallasK

Gardens & Villa are a Santa Barbara indie rock band that carefully balance retro and modern sensibilities into a fresh and contemporary sound. They are a modern rock band with a synth-heavy sound, and when they perform nothing is pre-recorded - everything is reproduced live. See their prior coverage on this blog and listen to "Black Hills".
Gardens & Villa - Black Hills by Lesliekins

Gosteffects is an electronic music producer from New York that creates energetic dance floor electro drenched in dark mood. It'd be the perfect soundtrack to a vampire's underground rave, and it's coming to take over the Vail Valley. Check out "House of God".
Gosteffects - House of God by Gosteffects

The duo of Biorhythm and Dialogue comprises this Denver based band, joined live by drummer Jonas Otto. They create a hybrid of electronic music and hip-hop, a combination of soulful grooves, downtempo feel, and dancey rhythms. Check out their prior coverage on this blog and listen to "From The Gun's Barrel".
From The Guns Barrel ☆ FLOW ☆ by Human Agency

This Denver based band delivers positive vibrations through a soulful combination of pop, funk and rock. Their live shows are delivered with high energy and dynamic stage presence - traits that are sure to be crowd-pleasers. Check out "Everything".

A six-piece band all the way from Caracas, Venezuela, Los Amigos Invisibles will bring psychedelic disco funk with Latin flair to the Vail Valley. Their dance floor friendly sound is rooted in  the past but delivered with a distinct contemporary flavor. Check out "Dulce".
Los Amigos Invisibles - Dulce by Nacional Records

This band from Nederland, CO creates music from a host of different genres; funk, folk, bluegrass, rock and a touch of electronica. The result is spaced psychedelic Americana rock, a future forward take on a long-standing genre. Check out "Nisswa".

Somewhere between electro-pop, chillwave and noise-pop, this analog synth driven band creates a futuristic sound with a lot of danceability. Merging together retro 80s tech-like sound and influences with forward-thinking visions of dance music, ManCub's sound gets crowds moving on the dance floor. See their prior coverage on this blog and check out "Summer Rain".
Summer Rain by Mancub303

This now Boulder, CO based DJ has nearly two decades of experience behind the DJ decks. His experience allows him to work any crowd, using a variety of genres and styles in his arsenal to elicit the greatest crowd response, driving parties with a combination of bass, funk, hip-hop electronica and more. Check out his mash-up, "My Eyes Can See A Spot Licker".
My eyes can see a Spot Licker (Mustard Tiger vs Busta) by Mikey Thunder

Based out of Santa Cruz, CA, Minnesota is an electronic music producer that specializes in all things bass music. Throughout his remixes and original productions, he will incorporate dubstep, purple, glitch hop and more, creating music that is both atmospheric and heavy. Check out "Jetstream".
Jetstream (Free Download) by Minnesota

The Motet is a collective of musicians dedicated to exploring the far reaches of musical creativity. This Boulder, CO based group fuses jazz, afro-beat, and funk with electronica to create soundscapes that capture dance floors. Check out "Dig Deep".
The Motet - Dig Deep by SEG: Sweetwine Ent. Group

This San Jose, CA electronic music producer has been called one of the hardworking artists in the American dubstep movement. With a background in various electronic genres, NiT GRiT combines ethereal melodic production with the dramatic hard-hitting bass-heavy intensity of dubstep. Check out "Dimethyltryptamine".
Nit Grit - Dimethyltryptamine by waylortitt

Originally from Sydney, Australia, this Los Angeles based DJ and producer is a master when it comes to summery down-under style disco house. It might not be summer yet in the Vail Valley, but Plastic Plates constant stream of smooth grooves might have the crowd thinking otherwise. Check out "More Than Love".
More Than Love by PLASTiC PLATES

Not much information is available on this mysterious artist, but by the sound of things, Satellites is spaced out electronic-funk - a psychedelic excursion into the far reaches of sound. Satellites seems to blend downtempo hip-hop beats with electronics and synths to create a sort of deep space soul. Check out "Here's A Ghost You Can Find".
SATELLITES - Here's a Ghost You Can Find by Kid Without Radio

Based out of Los Angeles, this electronic music producer bends genres, bringing a variety of influences to his west coast style dubstep sound. He'll also foray into glitch hop, crunk and more throughout his slew of originals and remixes. Check out "Groove Around You (Disciples of Headtron Vol. I)".
Stephan Jacobs - Groove Around You (Disciples of Headtron Vol. I) by Stephan Jacobs

Two instrumental hip-hop producers and a live drummer comprise this Asheville, NC based group. Although the foundation of their sound is instrumental hip-hop, Two Fresh explores a host of sounds to create a musical product that is as laid-back as it is energetic, a smooth blend of atmosphere and force. Check out "Give Us Your's"
Give Us Your's by Two Fresh

One of the most exciting indie rock bands in the musical landscape, this Portland, OR based trio creates catchy indie-pop gems that go far deeper than what initially floats on the surface. When it comes to live performance, what one hear's on their recorded material is just the tip of the iceberg, as this band exudes the spirit of rock 'n' roll. See their prior coverage on this blog and listen to "Little Blu House".
Unknown Mortal Orchestra - "Little Blu House" by fatpossum

This five-piece band from Austin, TX creates indie folk-rock that blends folk, blues, country and modern rock into one complete package. Their blend of acoustic and electric sound gives this band versatility and a solid foundation. Check out "Portraits".
Wheeler Brothers - Portraits (Texas Folk Rock) by ATX Music Mag

This trio from Denver combines experimental electronic music with modern R&B, creating a futuristic offshoot of the genre that is full of soul but explores new instrumental territory. Their atmospheric yet beat-heavy sound matches perfectly with emotive, melodic vocals. See their prior coverage on this blog and listen to "Mr. 100".

SnowBall Music Festival 2012 is now just about one week away. If you haven't gotten your tickets yet, find more information and purchase passes at the SnowBall website. Also, be sure to check out the newly released schedule so you can plan which acts you are going to see. If you haven't seen the previews for Friday and Saturday yet, be sure to check those out too!

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