Concerted Effort continues its preview look at all the artist performing at SnowBall Music Festival 2012. If you didn't catch the overview for the artists on Day 1 (Friday, March 2), click this link to check it out. Day 1 offered a good mix of genres - folk, hip-hop, indie, reggae, jam, and various electronic acts. Day 2 keeps that variety going with both homegrown and national acts. Check out the alphabetical list of Day 2 bands below:

This indie rock band from Denver stands out on its own for its clever use of both retro and modern influences. Combining aspects from '40s and '50s jazz with modern rock and off-the-wall lyricism, this band delivers a memorable live show. Check out this band's prior coverage on this blog and listen to "Pants Off Dance Off".
a. Tom Collins - Pants Off Dance Off by StealThisTrack

This New Orleans based rapper is at the forefront of the bounce movement, a style of hip-hop known for its high energy and call and response style that originated but has been evolving since the '80s. She is sometimes called the "Queen Diva" of sissy bounce, an off-shoot of the bounce genre featuring cross-dressing musicians and gay themes. Her performances are said to be incredibly explosive, so strap in for a thrill ride. Check out "Azz Everywhere".
Azz Everywhere by Big Freedia

This mysterious duo hails from Los Angeles, slowly raising to prominence although not much is known about them, due to their ability to rock incredible parties full of smooth, groovy, sexy sounds. Check out their edit of  an '80s soul classic, Brenda Russel's "Piano In The Dark".
Brenda Russel - Piano in The Dark (Bixel Boys Re-Stroke) by stampfactory

Founder of Denver's longest running and one of the most awarded club nights, Lipgloss, boyhollow will be bringing his versatile mixing style to the Vail Valley. Originally a rock DJ, he continues to incorporate a wide range of styles into his repertoire, including indie dance, house, '80s, electro and more. See some of his prior coverage on this blog and check out his opening set for Denver's last MSTRKRFT show.
Opening set for MSTRKRFT 09•10•11 by boyhollow

Cassian is a DJ and producer from Sydney, Australia that crafts together mixes and remixes into delectable disco dance affairs. His ear for disco house will have the Vail Valley dancing. Check out his remix of The Rapture's "How Deep Is Your Love".
How Deep Is Your Love (Cassian Remix) [mastered 16-bit] - The Rapture by cassian

Cherub is an electro-pop duo from Tennessee with a unique approach to the genre. Their love for retro '80s funk, disco and pop is a heavy influence on their modern sound, where they combine electric guitars with crafty production to keep the crowd dancing. See their prior coverage on this blog and listen to "XOXO".
Cherub - "XOXO" by Vitalic Noise

This Denver based band combines rock 'n' roll with classic southern R&B influences and a little bit of Americana. They can pick up the crowd with energetic rock, or hit the crowd softly with something a little more soulful. Check out "Minutes".

This Stockholm, Sweden electro house duo has become one of the more prominent names in the electronic dance music scene. Known for their incredibly energetic live sets and their own party-centric Dada Life philosophy, they'll be sure to bring the club atmosphere to the mountains. Check out "Happy Violence".
Dada Life - Happy Violence (Vocal Extended) by Dada Life

This indie rock band from Detroit is like no other, incorporating elements of rock 'n' roll, electro-pop, folk and more into their varied but definitive sound. This band is truly in their element when it comes to live performance, escalating their characteristic sound in incredible ways. See this band's prior coverage on this blog and listen to "Skeletons".
Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - Skeletons by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

Digital Connection live is Denver producer Ricky Shine joined by live drummer Nick Layne. Digital Connection creates bass music and dubstep productions designed to captivate the crowd. Check out "Rest Assured".
02 Rest Assured by The Digital Connection

Dillon Francis is a Los Angeles electronic music producer whose desire to experiment with a wide range of electronic styles, such as luvstep, electro and moombahton, has brought his name to the forefront and gained him wide recognition. Whether it's an original production or a remix, Dillon Francis's work finds a way to dominate dance floors. Check out "Falling Up".
Dillon Francis - Falling Up by DILLONFRANCIS

Originating from the small town of Eerie, Indiana, Figure's productions have anything but a small sound. He came up as an electro house producer, but became a prominent name in dubstep and drumstep, known for making productions that destroy dance floors. Check out "Must Destroy".
Figure - Must Destroy (Original Mix) OUT NOW! by Figure

One of the most coveted indie rock bands in Denver, Gauntlet Hair pairs experimentation with modern rock to create an infectiously unique sound. Noise heavy guitar, vocals, and an electronic drum kit drive their characteristic sound, delivered live with incredible energy. See their prior coverage on this blog and check out "Keep Time".
Keep Time by Frenchkisspub

Ghostland Observatory is an Austin, TX duo that melds an amalgamation of different genres into dance floor fuel. They combine elements of psychedelic rock, techno, disco and funk into a unique sound that commands crowds. Check out "Glitter".
Ghostland Observatory - Glitter by bukkh

GRiZ is a producer from Detroit who creates monstrous dance floor crushing dubstep creations. He performs live at times with Muzzy on the guitar to create a unique concert experience. Check out "Shogun".
Shogun by GRiZ

Guns In The Sun is a Los Angeles based record label and production/entertainment company. They've got their own stable of in-house DJs that also rock parties. Find out more info about Guns In The Sun on Facebook.

This Seattle, WA indie folk band also incorporates elements of modern rock and indie-pop, a combination of sounds that have endeared them to many. Their songwriting has great depth, but their instrumental fervor and live energy keeps everything fun. Check out "Sounds Like Hallelujah".
The Head and the Heart / Sounds Like Hallelujah by kylemadson

The Kooks are coming to Colorado all the way from the UK. This English indie pop-rock band's sound largely stems from the band's interest with early '60s era British pop and a post-rock influence. Check out "Naive".
The Kooks - 'Naive' by plus one

My Goodness is a two-piece blues and rock 'n' roll band from Seattle. Their stripped down punk-like blues rock has a lush but raw energy and sound that's sure to reverberate throughout the whole Vail Valley. Check out "I've Got A Notion".
05. I've Got A Notion by MyGoodness

Nathaniel Rateliff is a Denver based singer/songwriter who, with the help of a backing band, creates masterful indie folk-rock. Known for his distinctive voice, his songwriting permeates deep into the soul. Check out "Another Heart Gone Limp".
Nathaniel Rateliff - Another Heart Gone Limp by dropdeadcrazy

Founder of a quickly growing monthly party called TheHundred and a resident DJ at the weekly party Lipgloss, this Denver DJ and producer is known for his deep, disco and tech house mixing skills. Check out his prior coverage on this blog and listen to his remix of Exosphere's "Violet Winter".
Exoshpere - Violet Winter (option4 remix) by option4

Paul Basic is a Denver producer who pairs sampling with hard-hitting drums and bass. He finds old sounds like an experience digger, reinventing them for the modern dance floor, adding extra helpings of soul and energy. Check out "Daydream".
Daydream by Paul Basic

Aside from his music projects, Pictureplane is already a Denver fixture. With his edgy, experimental electronic music productions in the mix, Pictureplane is one of the more important names in the Mile High City. His combination of darkwave and synth-pop productions definitely set him apart. Check out "Post Physical".
Post Physical by PICTUREPLANE

This Vermont based producer and DJ is one of newest faces to be making waves in the house music scene. Through live sets, remixes and originals, Pierce Fulton's skill at progressive house and other electronic genres have been gaining notice. Check out "Smiles All Around".
Pierce Fulton - Smiles All Around (Original Mix) by PierceFulton

SAUNA is a young Denver indie-pop surf-rock band with an incredible sound that is influenced by music way before their time. They bring a sunny coastal sound to landlocked Colorado, bringing about bright surf-style garage rock 'n' roll instrumentals with catchy vocal melodies and lyrics. See their prior coverage on this blog and listen to "Roadrunner".
Roadrunner by SAUNA

This group from Brooklyn, New York creates music that has the dreamy yet danceable aspect to it known as chillwave. Combining retro elements from new wave and synth pop with reverberated vocals and futuristic, dancey beats, Small Black will have the crowd finding a groove. Check out "Moon Killer".
Moon Killer by Small Black

Smalltown DJs is a Canadian DJ duo who create mix sets with a great vibe, despite using a lot of music outside of what many typically consider to be dance music. They combine a lot of hip-hop, breaks and indie dance into sets that are sure to have a lot to please. Check out their remix of Beatie Boys' "Don't Play No Game That I Can't Win".
Don't Play No Game · Beasties Boys Feat. Santo Gold (Smalltown Djs Remix) by Smalltown Djs

It would be hard to believe if you claimed you didn't know who Snoop Dogg was, considering he's been a rap and hip-hop superstar since the early 1990s. But if you didn't know, this SnowBall headliner has been a rap and hip-hop superstar since the early 1990s.

This trio creates a fusion of electronic and analog sounds to create a laid back but beat heavy electro-funk hybrid. They seamlessly mix electronic production with live instrumentation to create a fluid listening experience. Check out "Catastrophic".
Catastrophic by SunSquabi

A resident DJ at one of the most well known clubs in Denver, Beta Night Club, Tommy Michael DJs house music sets that are tailored for maximum crowd response. Check out his mash-up called "Leave Babylon Behind".
Leave Babylon Behind by Tommy ★ Michael

Trampled By Turtles is an alternative bluegrass band from Duluth, Minnesota. Their acoustic driven blend of Americana, bluegrass and folk is delivered live with amazing energy and break-neck pace that has endeared this band to a faithful and ever-growing fan base. Check out "It's A War".
It's A War by TrampledbyTurtles

Hailing from London, this four-piece indie rock band with a spirit deeply rooted in rock 'n' roll. Their modern, alternative rock sound is propelled by seemingly the same energy that propelled the pioneers of rock 'n' roll. Check out "We Were Children".
We Were Children (EP) by TRIBES

TV On The Radio is a veteran indie rock band formed in Brooklyn, New York whose body of work spans the past decade. Always willing to experiment, this band's indie rock sound also encompasses influences from other genres like soul, electro and more due to the band's own personal eclectic musical tastes. Check out "Will Do".
TV On The Radio - "Will Do" by Interscope Records

Check out the previews for Friday and Sunday too if you haven't yet. SnowBall is just around the corner, tickets and more information are available at SnowBall's website.

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