Many night clubs out there spend so much effort on atmosphere that sometimes it seems that music is secondary to the experience. But that's what draws people to the best clubs - consistent quality music. It's no wonder Beta Night Club is not only one of the top rated night clubs in the country, but their understanding of having a music driven atmosphere has propelled them to being one of the top rated clubs in the world. Thursday night was a clear example of that fact, as NRG Thursdays presented another dance floor packing event as they hosted another up and coming name in the DJ world.

Before that big name took his place in the DJ booth, the party got started with opening sets from resident Beta DJs. Jontron was up first, and his duty was to fill up the dance floor. He began his set just as the doors to the club opened and started filling the club with hard trance and house. With each successive song he played, more and more people filled out the dance floor, until it became a wildly packed gyrating mess. Once Jontron had the desired crowd, he stepped up the musical intensity with electro house and dashes of filthy dubstep. With the crowd definitely in a dancing mood, Jontron passed off the decks to Trajikk.

Trajikk came up to the booth and transitioned smoothly into a banging tech-house set of his own. He kept the intensity high and the beats pumping - the crowd dancing wildly every step of the way. He was framed on either side by Beta Night Club dancers, adding energy to the party atmosphere. Beta knows how to draw the best out of special effects, timing elaborate lighting and bursts of fog to the music Trajikk was mixing. He kept a steady flow of crowd pleasing dance floor favorites, including hits by Benny Benassi and Swedish House Mafia, but soon there was an electricity of anticipation and excitement flowing through the crowd - it was about time to bring out the big gun.

As Trajikk wrapped up his set, the crowd began to chant "Wolfgang! Wolfgang!". The emcee asked if the crowd was ready to hear Wolfgang Gartner, and the club erupted with cheers. Wolfgang Gartner appeared in the DJ booth and the crowd started dancing even more furiously the moment he dropped his first song. Thursday night gave Wolfgang Gartner the chance to show off both of his highly regarded skill sets - he showed off his skills as a DJ and producer.

He spent most of his set dropping a mix of tracks from all sorts of genres blended with Wolfgang Gartner's signature tech-house style. He kept the crowd guessing and kept everyone surprised with what he would mix next. He dropped remixed and edited versions of songs by Faith Evans, Bob Marley, Stevie V, Basement Jaxx, Stardust, M.O.P., Robin S. and many more. He really surprised me with the variation of songs he would mix, and it made me understand why he is so regarded as a DJ.

Still, it was Wolfgang Gartner's prowess as a producer that originally brought his name to my attention. He dropped plenty of his self produced tracks into the mix, and each time one of his songs would play, the crowd went especially crazy. He played a good mix of earlier material and instrumental singles that will be on his upcoming album, Weekend In America. He played a couple of his earlier tracks that are favorites of mine, "Undertaker" and "Wolfgang's 5th Symphony", the latter being the first Gartner song I ever heard and the one that made me a fan of his music. He played all three of the incredible instrumental hard house singles released from his upcoming album, "Space Junk", "Menage A Trois", and "Illmerica". He definitely captivated the crowd each time he mixed in one of his original pieces.

Thursday night was high-energy dance music all the way through to the end - that's why Beta Night Club calls it NRG Thursdays. Jontron and Trajikk did a great job getting everything started, and Wolfgang Gartner was the maestro on the decks that had everyone dancing so hard by the end of the night the whole crowd was dripping with sweat. If you're looking for a good way to dance away your Thursday night, Beta is a good place to go. If you want to relive Wolfgang Gartner at any moment, you can do so by purchasing Wolfgang Gartner's new album Weekend In America starting Tuesday, September 20.

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