I'd been on such a tear seeing shows lately that it felt strange not getting out to a concert the past three days. It's not that I didn't want to, it's that my work schedule kept me away from live music for a while. At least that gave me the chance to complete some design work on the blog. But tonight, it's time to get back out on the town and hear some more live music. As usual, I'm switching genre gears again, this time checking out indie pop/alt-rock at the Larimer Lounge.

The headliner is The Canvas Waiting, a quartet from Austin, TX. They'll be bringing to Denver their brand of vocal centered thematic alternative rock. In this band, the instrumentation is the layered backdrop for the impassioned vocals of lead singer Nathan Medina, creating a colorful listening experience when the two are blended together. Medina's heartfelt alt-rock, sometimes modern country-esque vocal style lends powerful emotion to The Canvas Waiting's songs, begging the listener to harmonize along with him. Check out "Darkness Into Day".
Darkness into Day by thecanvaswaiting

Calibrate Me is a local Denver pop punk group. They deliver that signature pop punk sound; driving uptempo instrumentation coupled with catchy melodic vocals. Their songs have an energetic and fun feel but are still laced with dashes of emotional seriousness. Check out "The Old In The New (Take Off Your Shoes)".
Calibrate Me - The Old in the New (Take off your shoes) by Concerted Effort

Forget Me Not is a five piece pop rock/power punk band from Denver. They have a good mix of energetic instrumentals for their fast paced songs, and soft layered sounds for their ballads. The mix of male and female vocals from Brian Vogt and Vanessa Paletta play well off of each other, whether they are harmonizing or singing in a call and response style. That seems to be the signature aspect of this band. Check out "Every Step".

Long Live The Liar is an indie rock duo originally from Colorado Springs that is now based in Denver. The band constructs simple songs, usually just voice and guitar, that fuse together folk textures with a cross-genre vocal style - almost like singer-songwriter meets pop punk. Check out "These Bodies Need Graves".
Long Live The Liar - These Bodies Need Graves (2011) by lonewolfaudio

Statue of Liberty is an Iowa indie folk-rock, or self described "Americana" band. It is the collaborative effort of singer-songwriter Bobby Bradford and Marywood Kate. They take the singer-songwriter/folk framework and sprinkle in a little pop, rock 'n' roll and country to come up with a refreshing sound that doesn't wholly fit into any of those categories. Check out "Only".
Statue of Liberty - Only (radio edit) by Concerted Effort

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