I'm finally heading back to Boulder for another show at the Fox Theatre. On October 12, the Fox Theatre will host three local bands that boast very different, distinct styles - not only from each other, but from most that is out in the mainstream. Music lovers that are looking for something different should come check out this show, it will be a good night of diverse music.

The headlining band is Euforquestra, a seven piece world music ensemble that is based in Fort Collins. It's not so much that Euforquestra is a world music band in the traditional sense, but that they are a band that just happens to be heavily influenced by styles of music from all around the world. They will incorporate a multitude of genres into their music and they will switch up styles from song to song. Their genre-mashup album Soup alone is a melting pot of reggae, afrobeat, jazz, rock, funk, calypso, ska, dub and more. Check out "Backbone".
07 - Euforquestra - Backbone by Euforquestra

Jet Edison is a Boulder based four piece rock fusion/jam band. They boast a high energy stage show that has a good variety of improvised and composed pieces. The genre label they fit into best would be funk-rock, but a myriad of different influences are readily apparent throughout their songs, thus challenging anyone who tries to categorize them. Check out "Pi" and some of their other music on their Facebook page.

Boom Chicken is another local Boulder band, but these guys are a quartet that plays indie bluegrass. They use nothing but classic bluegrass instruments in their band; acoustic guitar, banjo, mandolin, and upright bass. With these tools, they produce high-energy, ferociously plucked bluegrass music that will get people stomping on the dance floor. I can't say I listen to a lot of bluegrass or that I frequent bluegrass shows, but I think these guys will offer a really good time. Check out "Sea of Tears" and a couple of their other songs available on their Facebook page.

The show is at the Fox Theatre in Boulder on October 12. The doors open at 8:30PM and is open to all ages. Tickets are $10 in advance or $12 the day of the show. Add $2 if you are under 21.

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