There's going to be another party on the 2700 block of Larimer Street tonight. PBR is presenting an art show and a block party at the Larimer Lounge and Meadowlark, featuring pieces on display from local artists and music from local bands and DJs. If the idea of seeing a variety of local artists and musicians isn't enough incentive to come out, the whole event is free!

The Meadowlark will be hosting three local DJs; Peter Black, Ginger Perry, and A-Ray. Peter Black is a house DJ with a penchant for bass. His mixes incorporate mid-tempo UK style house with dashes of slow bass sections. Ginger Perry is a versatile DJ that can mix smooth downtempo to hard-hitting, floor rattling bass. A-Ray is a resident DJ for So-Gnar, who mixes a variety of house, electro, and synth heavy indie rock and a few other surprises. Check out Peter Black's Denver After Dark Mix, Ginger Perry's Joker and Ani Difranco mash-up, and download some mixtapes by A-Ray.
ANALOG SPACE presents Denver Afterdark #3 PETER BLACK Mix by Peter Black 1
GrafftiOnYoBody (Joker/Ani Difranco) by GingerPerry

The Larimer Lounge will host three bands that play from three very different genres; The Swayback, ManCub, and Total Ghost. I saw The Swayback last weekend, but they were performing in a tribute show so I didn't get a chance to see them perform their own music. The Swayback is an indie rock band whose style is  a blend of post-punk, garage rock-revival, and alt-rock. ManCub is a local electronic band that's been covered on this blog often, known for bringing hard hitting distortion heavy electro synth-pop mixed with airy or metallic vocals. Total Ghost is a parodical German-style synth-pop group, mating drum machine loops with keyboard synths and comedic vocals - definitely music for those with a sense of humor. Check out The Swayback's "Concrete Blocks", ManCub's "8 Bit Crush", and Total Ghost's "Too Fast for the Autobahn".
Concrete Blocks by Swayback
ManCub - 8 Bit Crush - 06 8 Bit Crush by Mancub303
Too Fast for the Autobahn by Total Ghost

The doors open at 8:00PM at both the Larimer Lounge and Meadowlark and is 21+. Come check out some local art and music for free!

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