It's time for some indie electronic dance music tonight, and for me, it's another long awaited show with a band I've wanted to see live for a long time. I'll be heading to the Bluebird tonight, and although there won't be any local bands at this particular show, I think it's still worth checking out. There will be two bands from the northwest coast and one band coming to Denver all the way from Mexico.

STRFKR (Starfucker) is the headliner, and they are an indie electronic pop group from Portland, OR. They've been around since 2008, and that was the first time I got my hands on their self-titled album. I'll admit, I saw the cover art, saw the name "Starfucker", and picked up the album without much thought. When I hit play for the first time, I didn't even know what genre to expect, but then I started hearing some catchy dance hooks and I couldn't stop listening. It all came to full boil when I heard the signature song "Rawnald Gregory Erickson The Second" with its chill yet danceable beat, catchy guitar riff, and infectious vocals. This will be the first time I see this band live, and it's exciting because they are touring for the release of their new album released earlier this year, Reptilians; another collection of awesome indie dance gems that have both an '80s throwback and contemporary feel. Check out "Bury Us Alive".
Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second by starfucker_usa
Bury Us Alive by Polyvinyl Records

Beat Connection is also from the Pacific Northwest, coming from Seattle, WA. They make music they self describe as "tropical psychedelic pop", and I think that fits what they do very well. Their music takes the feel of chillwave, danceable but laid back, but without as much emphasis on melodic vocals. Check out the surf inspired "Sunburn" and the island inspired "Silver Screen".
Sunburn by Beat Connection
Silver Screen by Beat Connection

I'd never heard of the last name on the bill before this show, but I'm very excited to see Alexico. Alexico is a Mexican indie experimental dance producer from Monterrey. I won't be able to understand pretty much any of what he'll be singing about, but I can understand his crazy beats. He produces some insane spaced out retro styled dance funk party jams, something that can be easier heard than explained. Check out "Gordo Grande Y Marica" and "Nombre Del Perro".
Gordo Grande Y Marica by alexico
Nombre Del Perro by alexico

The party starts at the Bluebird Theater tonight at about 9:00PM. The show is all ages and tickets are $20 at the door.

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