It seems I've been going to the Hi-Dive a lot lately, and that's the case again tonight. It just so happens that they've had a string of good shows that I've wanted to check out, so I keep finding myself back there. Once again, I'll be starting the week off at the Hi-Dive, this time to check out some international and local indie rock.

The headliner tonight is a duo from Brisbane, Australia called An Horse. Kate Cooper and Damon Cox were coworkers at a record store and discovered they both had an interest in making music, and from there, An Horse was born. Kate Cooper handles vocals and guitar while Damon Cox handles the drumming, and together they create a heavily pop and punk influenced brand of indie rock. They are touring to support their recently released album, Walls. Check out "Trains and Tracks".
An Horse - Trains and Tracks by anhorse

Vandelay Industries is a local indie pop-rock band from Fort Collins. They create catchy pop influenced songs but try keep the feel of their band distinctively modern alternative rock, although the vocals are often reminiscent of pop-punk, almost placing the band in the power pop category. Check out "Synesthesia".
Synesthesia by Vandelay Industries

Lightlooms is a local Denver experimental indie rock trio that is self-described as post-piano-rock. Their sound is driven by Meaghan Lillis' piano/vocals and augmented by the atmospheric/ambient textures that the rest of the band creates. Their original EP is like piano-lounge for the future, while the material from their upcoming album has taken that concept and evolved it to a full rock band sound. Check out "Signs".
Signs by LightLooms

The doors open at the Hi-Dive tonight at 7:00PM and the show starts at about 7:30PM. The show is 18+ and tickets are $10 at the door.

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