I'm checking out a new spot for me tonight, and I love how there's never a shortage of live music around town since it seems to happen around just about every corner. Tonight, I'll be checking out what's going on at the Old Curtis Street Bar - a showcase of three more local bands. This time it's all about do it yourself rock 'n' roll; with tastes of punk, blues, and alternative rock.

The headlining band is Peaceful Peaches, a garage punk band with a sometimes surf inspired sound from Winter Park. The bands energetic instrumentals are met with a spoken-voice vocal style - a vocal technique between singing and speaking that sounds closer to spoken speech. You can hear some of their songs on their Myspace page.

Tommy & The Tangerines is a six piece indie rock band from Boulder. Their sound consists of bits and pieces of styles from all over the rock spectrum, giving them a lot of variety in their songs. I'd say all songs have an alternative/pop rock backbone, but there will be shades of blues, soul, post-punk and country among other styles. You can hear some of their songs on their ReverbNation page.

Painted By Numbers is a new Boulder based band that describes themselves as "neo grunge indie rock fun time". The only preview of their music I can find are some YouTube videos, but from what I can tell, I'd say their description matches up well with what I can hear. Check out "All Black".

The show starts at Old Curtis Street Bar at about 9:00PM. The show is 21+ and tickets are only $5. Come get a taste of some fresh new bands.

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