It's been exactly one month since I've been to Cervantes' and it's about time for me to make a return. Tonight, there's a dual venue affair at Cervantes' Masterpiece Ballroom and Cervantes' Other Side featuring a good mix of music: dubstep, reggae, electronica, hip-hop, rock and funk. The best thing is, just about all of the near dozen groups that'll be at the show are from or currently based in Colorado. Although it isn't billed as one, it's basically another festival showcasing the extent, variety and talent that makes up the local music scene. Here's another chance to check out what new music Colorado has to offer and maybe even find your new favorite band.

J.Wail and Chuck Morris

The headliner is J.Wail (Jonah Lipsky), originally a New Yorker now based in Denver. Together with Chuck Morris on drums, J.Wail produces a blend of electronica, rock and funk that's sure to get the dance floor shaking. J.Wail uses an array of computer control surfaces and an electric guitar to produce his eclectic mix of genre bending music. He cites influences such as Phish and Sound Tribe Sector 9, and delivers his smooth jamtronica wherever he goes to perform. Check out the live recorded version of "TEKKI".
JWAIL ft/ Chuck Morris [Lotus] "TEKKI" - Live on KGNU FM! by J.WAIL

Damn Right!

Damn Right! is another jamtronica band whose members come from Baltimore and Philadelphia. Damn Right! is Blake Mobley on keyboard, Tommy Bradel on computer control surfaces, and Johnny Fissinger on bass. Together they make dance floor shaking spaced out club dub and dance rock that really comes alive when they're performing it on stage. Check out "BMF> Synth 1".
BMF> Synth 1 by DAMN RIGHT!


Tatanka is a Denver based electronic dub trio. No, not dubstep - dub. The reggae kind of dub. Together, Champian, Malone★ and The Mexico create both instrumental and vocal dub that pays homage to the genre's traditional roots but with contemporary flair that keeps the music fresh and interesting. They should get the dance floor skanking. Check out "Gu Gee".

Digital Beat Down

Digital Beat Down is the Denver jamtronica duo of Andrew Lubner and Nick Pilz. They also combine computer control surfaces with synthesizers and live drumming to come up with a hybrid dance rock sound. Their songs are heavily bass driven but also have an array of other textures that stem from a progressive rock influence. Check out "Floating Pretty".
Digital Beat Down - Floating Pretty by Concerted Effort

Papa Skunk

Papa Skunk is the product of Denver based producer Dan Scheidt. He is a purveyor of the slow and low, or as he likes to call it, "Colorado Crunk". Papa Skunk produces dubstep tracks with floor shaking bass and filthy synths. He is purported to mix original tracks along with other dirty, glitchy dubstep tracks to make for a hard-hitting live show. Check out "Streets of Tron".
07. Streets of Tron (256kbs) [Out Now on Tycho Records] by Papa Skunk

The Biz

The Biz is a live electronic band from Denver that fuses their music with visual production to create a unique live experience. Leigh Bernstein, Phil Buck, Ben E. King and Tim Santos come together to use live instruments, computer control surfaces, sampling, and video to a unique live experience. Their music is something that sounds a little like funk, soul, hip-hop and jazz but never loses touch with its electronic framework. The show tonight is the last show The Biz will be doing for a while. The band isn't breaking up, but they are going on hiatus, so I recommend you catch them while you can. Check out "Took Me By Surprise".
Took Me By Surprise - The Biz by WinslowFamily

Smooth Money Gesture

Smooth Money Gesture is a Nederland, CO based improvisational psychedelic rock band. This six piece jam band won't have a computer in sight, producing a wholly organic sound. They will play all sorts of different rock genres, throw in doses of funk, and play occasional cover songs. Check out "Island Sands".
Smooth Money Gesture - Island Sands by Concerted Effort


Gravitron was originally a funk band called Gravity, before the members started experimenting with electronics to manipulate and create new sounds. After a few jam sessions, Gravitron was born - a combination of funk rock and electronica. I haven't been able to find more than minute long samples of their music. You can listen to what's available on their Reverb Nation page.


Damnesia-Vu is a local dubstep producer with a very spacey, out of this world sound. His sound is more on the chill spectrum of dubstep, incorporating a lot more wobble and glitch instead of just straight dirty womp. He also has several remixes under his belt, tackling songs by artists like The Glitch Mob, Snoop Dogg, Flying Lotus, and Martin Solvieg. Check out "Life Dub".
Life Dub by DamnesiaVu

Late Night Radio

Late Night Radio (Alex Medellin) is described as an electronic collage artist, taking bits and pieces of various music and sounds and combining them together to make something a little bit different. The resulting sound is soulful dubstep with a little hip-hop thrown in for good measure. Good grooves and danceable, but distinctively down tempo. Late Night Radio should surely rile the crowd up into a frenzy. Check out "Big Dreams".
Big Dreams by Late Night Radio

Note: I searched for a while but came up empty on any information on LiveNDirect. If I find out anything before the show, I'll update this post with info. Otherwise, I'll just let you know what I hear when the time comes.

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