Tonight I'm headed down to the Ogden Theater to catch a show that should be the perfect way to begin the month of October. The Ogden Theater will be hosting three electronic music bands that all boast moody, dreamy, sometimes dark, and sometimes airy qualities to their music. It'll be a night of electro-pop heavily rooted in rock music, and thus not really explainable as either. The unique qualities of the bands' music - the spectral sound textures and occasional delightful creepiness - seems appropriate to open a month often associated with those same ideas.

The headliner tonight is Ladytron, an electronic dream-pop band formed in Liverpool, England in 1999. The quartet of Helen Marnie (lead vocals, synthesizers), Mira Aroyo (vocals, synthesizers), Daniel Hunt (synthesizers, electric guitar, vocals) and Reuben Wu (synthesizers) create a very unique form of the dream-pop genre by incorporating elements from new wave (electro-punk, mod revival, experimental electro) and shoegaze, blend them with ethereal synths and moody but smooth, sultry vocals, and balance it all with pop structures. They are touring for the release of their fifth studio album, Gravity The Seducer, released last month. Check out "Ambulances".
Ladytron - Ambulances by nettwerkmusicgroup

Geographer is an electronic trio from San Francisco, CA. Mike Deni, Nathan Blaz, and Brian Ostreicher, also create a dream-pop sound that is still ethereal but with a slightly different mood than Ladytron. Geographer tends to have moodier, beautiful yet haunting instrumentation coupled with vocals more reminiscent of rock than electronic music. Their sound is very rooted in '80s new wave but sounds fresh and contemporary. Check out "Kites".
Geographer - Kites by geographermusic

SONOIO is the electronic solo project of Alessandro Cortini whose other notable projects include Modwheelmod and Nine Inch Nails. He will bring a form of dark, moody electronic synth-rock that draws from both dream-pop and industrial rock. The resulting sound is electro-pop with a heavy dose of distorted rock grit. Check out "Heartbeat".
05 Heartbeat by Zod79

The doors open at the Ogden Theater at 8:00PM. The show is 16+ and tickets are $25 at the door.

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