Two weeks ago I went to the Ogden Theater and had the privilege of seeing an amazing show. It was one of those instances where the show was great from the very beginning through the end, and when the show was over I still found myself still talking about the opening act. SONOIO opened up the show for Geographer and Ladytron, and SONOIO's Alessandro Cortini pieced together a performance that was a top quality showcase of creativity on all levels; both musically and visually. I had the chance to ask SONOIO a few questions so I did a little post-performance debriefing. You can check out the review from the show here and read the interview below.

Photo Credit: Sarah Sitkin

Concerted Effort: Many performers note unexpected challenges playing at altitude, did playing at a mile high have a noticeable impact on your performance in Denver?
SONOIO: Not really, though I have had some nose bleeds since I left.

CE: What is your favorite road music while traveling on tour?
S: Big Black Delta's BBDLP1, Drive Soundtrack, Mike Patton, Louis C.K.

CE: What do you remember most about performing in Denver?
S: Saying goodbye to Geographer, who opened for Ladytron for the 1st half of the tour and ended in Denver. Awesome people and musicians.

CE: Do you intend to keep SONOIO a solo project or would you like to add more band members?
S: It was born as a solo project, and I think I'll keep it this way, for the time being.

CE: If you could choose anyone throughout history, who would be in your fantasy band and what kind of band would it be?
S: An experimental synth record with Jeff Buckley.

CE: What is your favorite and least favorite Halloween candy?
S: I don't do candy!

CE:  Which do you prefer? Zombies, vampires, werewolves or ghosts?
S: Ghosts, both the Ladytron and NIN kind.

CE: When can we expect to see you in Denver again?
S: No idea, really. I hope to be able to tour the US again next year, once the new record is released.

If you missed SONOIO when he was here, check out one of the songs from his performance, "Can You Hear Me?", from the new album RED.
"Can You Hear Me?" - Sonoio by PlanetaryOnlinePR

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