Music fans, tonight's show is definitely something that needs to be seen. The Larimer Lounge will be hosting a musician unlike any other, who creats a unique style of experimental bluesy funk using things barely recognizable as instruments. What's even more impressive is the instruments were devised and created by the musician himself in his quest to create something that would truly allow him to explore his desired ranges of sound. The end result is an array of homemade instruments that look like they belong on a construction site, but bring a sound that should command the dance floor.

This Las Vegas, NV based one man band extravaganza is called That 1 Guy. That 1 Guy is the stage name of Mike Silverman, a classically trained bass player who originally performed as a jazz and studio musician. He began to be known for his unique style of percussive bass playing, handling melodies and rhythms at the same, and eventually broke away from other projects to play on his own. Frustrated by the limitations of his instrument, he invented new ones so he could continue to perform his desired sounds as a one man band. Now That 1 Guy is known for these unique instruments in particular: the Magic Pipe, the Magic Boot, and the Magic Bow. With these handmade musical tools, he makes a mesmerizing blend of funky music that has to be experienced to really understand where it comes from. Check out "Packs A Wallop".
That 1 Guy - 'Packs A Wallop' by Heapsaflash

The Larimer Lounge doors open at about 8:00PM with the music starting at 9:00PM. This 21+ show is $15 at the door.

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