Halloween weekend is finally here and it's going to be big. There are plenty of live music events to choose from this weekend, all offering a slightly different way to party the night away. Tonight, I'll be kicking it off at the Marquis Theater, which will be hosting two indie electro-rock bands that'll set the tone and ignite the dance floor. They each boast a unique style, and should play well into the season, having just the right amount of darkness while still being wicked fun.

The headliner is Phantogram, an electro-rock band from New York. The band consists of Josh Carter on vocals/guitars, Sarah Barthel on vocals/keyboards, and touring live drummer Tim Oakley. This band creates a unique trip-hop style of electro-rock that carefully balances organic instrumentation with the use of samples and loops, creating a highly infectious and very moody hybrid sound that maintains incredible danceability. Check out "When I'm Small" from their debut album and "Don't Move" from their upcoming EP.
Phantogram "When I'm Small" by Barsuk Records
Phantogram - Don't Move by Hypetrak

Reptar is an indie electro-rock band from Atlanta, GA. This band takes a less moody approach to the genre, creating a high energy dance-rock sound with contagious peculiarity. The songs have creative structures and a certain whimsical quality to them that sets them apart, but overall are just intensely fun to listen to. Check out "Blastoff" and "RainBounce".
Reptar - Blast Off by Vagrant Records
Reptar - Rainbounce by Vagrant Records

The party starts at the Marquis Theater when doors open at 8:00PM. The show is all ages and tickets are $15. EDIT: Hope you got your tickets early, the show is sold out!

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