I'm headed to the Larimer Lounge tonight to catch some electro-synth and moody dreampop. It's another perfect show for this time of year - where it starts getting dark earlier and people get ready to celebrate all things spooky. There will be in-state and out of state bands that specialize in bringing ethereal yet dark sounds perfect for the long late season times of growing darkness.

Kindest Lines is comes to Denver from New Orleans, and they'll be bringing moody dreampop. They use synths and guitar to create dreamy textures driven by machined new wave-ish drums. Lead singer Brittany Terry's airy voice anchors the sound and gives their music an atmospheric yet dark attitude. Check out "Destructive Paths to Live Happily".
Kindest Lines, "Destructive Paths to Live Happily" by The FADER

Force Publique has been covered on this blog before, and I enjoy covering them because of their unique dark darkwave sound. Rather than approaching moody synth from the dreamy, airy route, Force Publique prefers industrialized new wave beats, punchy synths, bass guitar, and seductively haunting vocals to build their mood. Their unique approach to synthpop has made Force Publique one of my favorite local bands. Check out "Kinetic".

StaG is a band originally from Los Angeles but now based in Boulder. This trio uses a lot of elements found in chillwave - reverberated vocals, floaty synth lines, and melody driven music. But rather than matching those qualities with danceable retro styled new wave rhythms, they go for atmosphere and an indie rock influenced approach, with any beat work layered deep in the overall set and kept minimal. Check out "Offwise".
Offwise by StaG

The doors open at the Larimer Lounge at 8:00PM and the music begins an hour later. Tickets are just $10 at the door for this 21+ show.

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