Halloween weekend is alive and well and tonight there will be plenty of festivities to choose from. I'll be headed to the Larimer Lounge for a Halloween bash featuring an awesome local lineup perfect for the occasion. I've seen all four bands on the bill live at least once before, and I know that each one of them has something to offer that will play well into the season's mood. It'll be a good chance to celebrate the night while enjoying authentic homegrown talent, and it should be one of the weekend's best parties.

Local electro noise-pop duo ManCub will be headlining the show. These guys will ignite the dance floor with their hard hitting analog synthesized electro music, and they'll have a few new tricks up their sleeve for this show tonight. Check out "The New Sound" and "Ghostbusters".
The New Sound by Mancub303
GHOSTBUSTERS MNCB final by Mancub303

Flashlights is a local dreampop group with an awesome unique sound. This duo pairs airy yet emotive vocals with a very creative production style. The production always sounds futuristic and otherworldly while having a retro feel to it, like a combination of synthwave and chillwave with a twist. Check out "Canoe" and "Holidays".

Hollagramz is a local electro duo that inject a sort of tropical influence into their production. They create thumping dark-tinged electro songs that have rhythms and sounds influenced by styles of music one would find playing on a Caribbean island, making for a unique blend with high danceability. Check out "Axis" and "Galactic Leash".
Galactic Leash by HOLLAGRAMZ

King Mob is a local trio that sounds like a cross between '80 new wave revival and darkwave at times mixed with hard electro. The first time I saw these guys I thought their music would make the perfect Halloween soundtrack, so I'm happy to catch them on Halloween weekend. Check out "Take My Hand, I'm Changing" and "The Wasp".
Take My Hand, I'm Changing by King Mob Music
Wasp by King Mob Music

The Larimer Lounge doors open at 9:00PM and the music starts at 10:00PM. This 21+ show is $10 at the door.

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