It's time to branch out of the Denver area and take a short road trip up north. There's a town up there known for a certain state university and brewers of fine local beer, but it turns out Fort Collins knows a thing or two about live music as well. I'll be traveling to the Aggie Theater, who will be hosting a couple of Denver based gypsy punk bands. One of these bands is new to me, but the other has been around for quite some time and I'm very excited to finally get the opportunity to see them live.

The headliner is Colorado's own long-time gypsy punk/indie folk extraordinaires DeVotchKa. DeVotchKa started as a backing band for burlesque shows back in the late 1990s, but shortly thereafter became a full fledged band. This band is made up of four talented multi-instrumentalist who create a gypsy folk inspired rock sound with a staggering plethora of instruments: piano, guitar, trumpet, accordion, organ, theremin, trumpet, melodica, violin, sousaphone (tuba), upright bass, drums and bouzouki.

Since the year 2000, they have released five studio albums, including their newly released album 100 Lovers. Their unique sound has taken them to perform around the world, and they have even been called to score films, most notably for the Academy Award winning Little Miss Sunshine. They have so much material now that just a couple song previews probably won't cut it, but check out one of my old favorites "The Enemy Guns" and a track off of their new album "All The Sand In All The Sea".
Devotchka-The Enemy Guns by ENDIT! Management
DeVotchKa - All The Sand In All The Sea by antirecords

Denver locals Bonnie and the Beard will open up the night, bringing a unique blend of gypsy inspired southern rock 'n' roll with a touch of country swagger. Originally an acoustic two piece, Bonnie and the Beard is now a trio that features both Bonnie (Megan Fong) and Beard (Tony LoVerde) on vocals and electric guitars backed by Alex Ferreira on drums. They should open up the night with a good collection of foot stompin' music. Check out "Money Honey" and "Lonely Hills".
Bonnie and the Beard - Money Honey by Suburban Home Records
Bonnie and the Beard - Lonely Hills by Suburban Home Records

The Aggie Theater doors open at 8:00PM. The show is all ages and tickets are $20. If you can't make it to Fort Collins DeVotchKa will be playing in Denver and Boulder this weekend!

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