After spending Friday dancing the night away, I'm heading to the Hi-Dive tonight for a mix of rock 'n' roll. The Hi-Dive is hosting three local bands and one national band that all have rock 'n' roll at their core but present their iterations in a different way. There will be rock 'n' roll with a throwback sound, indie folk influenced rock, rock with a modern alt-rock sound, and heavy progressive instrumental metal-rock.

Warhawk is a four-piece Denver rock 'n' roll band. They use hard driving guitar riffs and classic rock rhythms to create music that sounds like high energy do-it-yourself '60s punk-garage. Check out "Get Your Kicks With Me".
Warhawk - Get Your Kicks With Me by Concerted Effort

Archeology is an indie rock band from Portland that has a strong folk influence. They seem to have fused a folk/acoustic sound with the spirit of rock 'n' roll and blended it all with indie rock sensibilities to create something a little different but still catchy. Check out "By The By".
Archeology - By the By by Concerted Effort

Twin Peaks is a local Denver indie rock trio. This three piece band's sound seems to stem from a multitude of influence. The instrumentation seems to be a blend of garage, alt-rock and post-punk with a very indie/modern alt-rock vocal style. Check out "The Great Sleep".
Twin Peaks - The Great Sleep by Concerted Effort

Cult of the Lost Cause is a local three piece instrumental rock band. Their brand of instrumental music is a like progressive rock meets sludge and heavy metal, making for hard-hitting and technical instrumental songs. Check out "The Receiving End".
Cult of the Lost Cause - The Receiving End by Concerted Effort

The doors open at the Hi-Dive tonight at 9:00PM, and the show starts at 9:30PM. This 21+ show is only $6 at the door.

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