In only the way Colorado could do it, the first snow has abruptly arrived. But that just means I have to throw on a few extra layers, because there is still a lot of live music to see this week. Tonight I'll be headed to the Hi-Dive to check out a couple local bands and one national indie, who'll still manage to be appropriate for the season despite the sudden change. Two of the bands are new to me, and their introspective form of indie rock should play well into both this time of year and the mood brought by the sudden blanket of snow.

The headlining band is Young Prisms, a shoegaze band from San Francisco. This band will bring the sound of highly distorted, atmospheric guitars with droning riffs and de-emphasized, spacey melodic vocals to provide a mellow and deliberately shapeless sound. It's a combination of sounds both airy, yet driving and dark. Check out "Sugar".
Young Prisms - Sugar by The Drift Record Shop

This'll be the third time I've covered Force Publique on this blog, and the second time this month, but I don't mind because they are one of my favorite local bands. Their combination of dark vocals, driving rhythms, moody synths, and bass guitar led songs create a peculiar sound I can't get enough of. This will be the first time I've seen them play at the Hi-Dive and their music should complement a cold night perfectly. Check out "Ache".

Spires is a local Denver four-piece indie rock band. This band produces what they like to call dream rock, which to me sounds like lofty modern rock with a slight '80s pop meets '90s alt-rock/post-punk sensibility but delivered with a solemn mood - and I like it. Check out "The Chicago Outfit".
Spires - The Chicago Outfit by Concerted Effort

The Hi-Dive doors open at 8:00PM and the show starts around 9:00PM. The show is 18+ and tickets are $8.00 at the door.

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