It's time to see what's new in Denver music, which means I'll be checking out the Larimer Lounge tonight. The Larimer Lounge will be hosting four local indie rock bands, all with a slightly different approach to the genre. Three of the four bands are new to me and relatively new to the scene, while the other band I've seen before but they have just recently released their first EP. It should be a good chance to hear new music and wrap up another week.

Young Analogs is the headlining band, a local indie rock band formed this year. I've only found two of their songs online, and although they have the same pop/punk-like vocal style, the instrumentation in each song is pretty different, making it a little hard to peg this band's sound, but I'd say they are going for an indie power pop sound. The recording is rough, but check out "Downtown" to get an idea.
DownTown(new) by YoungAnalogs

Lionized is a local two-piece indie rock band that uses a slightly unusual set of instruments to produce a cross-genre sound. The framework of their music is emotive indie rock driven by the vocals, guitar and drums, but they are splashes of folk and Americana from the inclusion of other instruments like violin and vibraphone. Check out their songs on ReverbNation.

Forget Me Not has been covered on this blog before. They are a five piece pop-punk/power pop band that differs from most bands in the genre by the prominent use of piano/keyboard. They have recently released a four song EP that features their emotive style, driven by the voices of singers Brian Vogt and Vanessa Spear. Check out their songs on ReverbNation.

The Hits is a local all female trio with a modern indie rock sound that sounds like evolutionary early lo-fi alt-rock and post-punk. They seem to juxtapose subdued vocals and melodic guitar leads with rhythmic strumming and punchy drums. Check out their songs on ReverbNation.

The music starts at the Larimer Lounge tonight at about 8:00PM. Tickets are $10 at the door.

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