The Ogden Theater is hosting two acts tonight that are sure to please. Both acts have traveled a long way to get to Denver, and they are both bringing very distinct styles of electronic based music. There will be a wide spectrum of moods that will be covered between the two acts, stemming from their ability to meld organic sounds with an electronic footprint that sets their respective music apart from the norm. By the end of it all, the show should deliver a memorable audio and visual experience.

The headliner comes to Denver from halfway around the globe. Anders Trentemøller is an electronic music producer based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. He creates music with a very moody, sometimes ambient sound that is usually more on the downtempo side of electronic music but incorporates a staggering amount of other musical influences. Listening to a Trentemøller album is an encompassing experience - trying to understand what Trentemøller does from just a few songs is not the best approach, but when one listens to a Trentemøller album from start to finish it makes complete sense.

His albums will go from minimal ambient electronica, to progressive house, to trip-hop/downtempo, to electronically represented post-rock - kind of like listening to the soundtrack of a modern immersive feature film with multiple intertwining storylines. His live shows contain a visual element to go along with his music, and I can't wait to be swept away by the whole experience because it is going to be seriously good. Although I recommend listening to the entirety of one (or both!) of Trentemøller's albums to be truly prepared for his variety of sound, check out how he'll go from a progressive house meets rock sound with "Shades of Marble", to a downtempo song like "...Even Though You're With Another Girl", and then later explode into a dancey electro-rock song like "Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!!".
Trentemøller: Shades Of Marble by Trentemøller
Trentemøller: ...Even Though You're With Another Girl by Trentemøller
Trentemøller: Silver Surfer, Ghost Rider Go!!! by Trentemøller

Xylos is a band from Brooklyn, New York that presents a varied mix of electro-pop and indie rock. The unifying factor in all their music is a danceable pop-like aesthetic, but their songs will oscillate between a more organic rock band sound to a synth heavy electro-pop sound. Lead singer Monika Heidemann provides her somewhat haunting but always sultry vocal style to add cohesion to their blend of songs. Check out "X-Ray" and "Dust".
X-Ray (Xylos) by christopherberry
Dust (Xylos) by christopherberry

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