It's time for a return to the Larimer Lounge and for a second night of hip-hop in a row, although the style of hip-hop tonight will be drastically different than what went down at the Summit Music hall.

Ten years have gone by since Afroman burst onto the scene with his contagious single "Because I Got High" and since then it's been deeply ingrained into pop culture and still remains an anthem in weed culture. Since then, Afroman has kept busy, releasing seven more studio albums, a Christmas album, and a live greatest hits album. Afroman will be bringing much of that in tow with him tonight to the Larimer Lounge. Unless you weren't alive last decade and/or you are oblivious to weed culture, I'm sure you know his hit single. So listen to "Marijuana Malt Liquor" off his latest album - he certainly hasn't lost his touch.

I talked about Whygee a little bit before, but for those unfamiliar, Whygee is a seasoned local hip-hop artist. He pays homage to great classic hip-hop acts with his rapping style, but with a slight contemporary touch. His lyrical subject matter also leans more toward the conscious side. Tonight he'll be accompanied by DJ BrikAbrak, who'll be laying down the cuts that will frame Whygee's flow. The track "The Drastic" was released just last week and features BrikAbrak, check it out.

Girlgrabbers is the collective effort of Qknox and GypDaHip, whose sole purpose in life seems to be to create hip-hop instrumentals that'll make your neck sore from nodding your head so hard. Their beats are combination of soul and chopped up orchestral samples you'd hear from old blaxploitation films arranged into a hip-hop symphony. This duo of Denver local beat producers should please any beat freak. Check out "When Grown Folks is Talkin".

The show starts at the Larimer Lounge tonight at 8:30PM and tickets are $18 at the door. Be there! I don't want to hear you missed it because you got high.

04-afroman-marijuana malt liquor by AFROMAN

The Drastic feat. BrikAbrak by Whygee

GirlGrabbers - When Grown Folks Is Talkin by beat_tapecoop

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