After a short but high energy set Monday night as openers for Ellie Goulding, Bag Raiders return to Denver for an encore performance. They will be headlining what's sure to be a huge dance party at the Larimer Lounge this Friday night.

Bag Raiders are an electronic house music duo that come to us all the way from Sydney, Australia. I missed out when they played Monday night - I was rocking out at the Hi-Dive instead. But I won't be missing this special encore performance. From what I heard, Bag Raiders put on quite the show. The main complaint was that it wasn't long enough. So now these guys get the chance to be the featured group and promise to play out an extended set. Fans of electronic dance music need to check these guys out. Listen to "Snake Charmer", "Sunlight" and "Turbo Love", then imagine that and more pumping as loud as the Larimer Lounge speakers can stand.

Before Bag Raiders, Denver locals ManCub will be keeping the party going. ManCub plays electronic music based heavily off old analog synthesizers and pairs that sound with dreamy vocals. It is music that is meant to not only be heard, but felt. I'm bumping ManCub all the time in my car, but even with my subwoofers and amplifier, I've still been craving to hear it even louder through venue speakers. You'll understand what ManCub is all about when you feel the vibration trembling through your body. I posted some of their music in a preview I wrote for one of their shows last month, but if that isn't enough, check out "Nooneandi", "Summer Rain" and "Mt. Rushmore".

Chavez y Chavez is a DJ collective made up of Denver locals Mike Dee(z) Nuts and DJ Cristian Whitney. These guys take awesome electro and tech house tracks and string them together into hard hitting seamless dance mixes. These guys will be keeping the party going on the outdoor stage. If you've got a half hour to burn, check out their mixing skills below.

It's sure to be a party at the Larimer Lounge tonight - the perfect way to kickoff the weekend. The party kicks off at 9:00PM. Bag Raiders doesn't start until late, so if you are going to Pretty Lights at the Fillmore, come to the Larimer Lounge to after party. Tickets are $25 at the door. Be quick though, the Larimer Lounge doesn't have the greatest capacity!

Snake Charmer - Bag Raiders by Print_it_in_red
Sunlight - Bag Raiders | Pacific Festival: OC 2011 Sampler by FILTER Magazine
Bag Raiders - Turbo Love by acid stag

ManCub - NOONEANDI by Concerted Effort
Summer Rain by Mancub303
ManCub - 8 Bit Crush - 03 Mt. Rushmore by Mancub303

Chavez y Chavez / II MMXImix by Chavez y Chavez

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