It's another busy night of concerts in the Denver area, and although I won't make it out tonight, I'm here with a brief report. I figure I won't mention the sold out shows since those that want to go to them should already have their tickets in hand, while those who would want to go have a very slim chance (or expensive chance) of doing so.

In Boulder tonight will be the hip-hop group The Cool Kids. I was a big fan of their first album, The Bake Sale. It got a lot of play in my rotation back in the summer of 2008. They are currently touring for their new album, When Fish Ride Bicycles. If you are a fan of the first album, the new one should not completely disappoint. Along with more popular sounding, radio-friendly songs like "Swimsuits" and "Summer Jam", they still have songs with bumping minimalist beats (think "Mikey Rocks") with songs like "Gold and Pager" and "Bundle Up". Should be a good, dance-able show. The music starts at the Fox Theatre after 8:30PM.

I didn't find out about these guys or this show until yesterday, but if you want to get bloody tonight, check out Iceage at the Rhinoceropolis in north Denver. This band hails from Copenhagen, Denmark, and they seem to draw the rage of old viking warriors out of their post-punk-something-or-other sound. The band members are young - they average about seventeen years of age - but that youth just gives the band more energy. Check out "White Rune" and "New Brigade" and see what I mean. I think these guys sound awesome but I don't know if I'd last a minute in the pit. If you are looking to beat the crap out of someone tonight, do it at the Iceage show. The pit gets going at 9:30PM.

The last band I'll talk about, Ludo, is also a new band to me. Compared to Iceage, Ludo delivers a sound that is like delicate flowers. Not that it isn't good - these guys are just purveyors of indie pop-punk. To be honest, I kind of like this St. Louis band - catchy but still energetic. Check out "Love Me Dead" and "All The Stars In Texas" to see if this is more your style. If it is, you can see them at the Marquis Theater tonight, show starts at 7:00PM.

The Cool Kids - Summer Jam (feat. Maxine Ashley) by lilpoops
The Cool Kids – Bundle Up by Hypetrak

Iceage - White Rune by Pgm_Denmark
Iceage - New Brigade by MASSES

Ludo- Love Me Dead by collie2266
08 All Stars In Texas by Heitorr_

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